Five activists arrested in G20 'bomb plot'

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PostTue Mar 31, 2009 3:00 pm » by Dirtyrabbit

Five activists arrested in G20 'bomb plot' as London goes into lockdown for world leaders
31st March 2009
The five were held after officers found weapons, imitation weapons, suspicious devices and 'material relating to political ideology' during a house search 31 Mar 2009 Five people were arrested under anti-terror laws yesterday after an imitation Kalashnikov rifle and other weapons were seized by police investigating a possible plot to cause havoc at the G20 summit. In searches of several homes, officers found a range of imitation and deactivated firearms from handguns to hunting rifles and a Kalashnikov-style assault rifle... Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton said 'politically sensitive material' had been found.

Tight security: Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will arrive in the UK tonight. It is their first trip outside the U.S. since he became President

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PostTue Mar 31, 2009 3:43 pm » by Kyo121

i wonder how long we have till it's official that having a gun and a copy of the constitution in your house automatically makes you a terrorist. I really hope such a sad day never comes but i just can't help to think it's just around the corner.

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PostTue Mar 31, 2009 6:31 pm » by Ogmios

The Daily Mail is, of course, a typically conservative newspaper. They like nothing more on their front pages than tear gas and police baton charges. I would be very dubious about this 'find', and would rather think of it as an establishment ploy to justify state violence before the event.

I've been to a few of these marches in the past and it's the police you have to be afraid of. They have apparently been issued with zapper guns or whatever they're called and the American secret service are bringing a few hundred armed agents. I have a bad feeling about this and, in a way, I'm glad I'm not going although I'd like to make my opposition to this bunch of warmongers known.

I went to an anti-war march in Glasgow and it was really interesting how a few politicians are protected by a few thousand policemen from the 'rascal multitude': which in this case, was two or three hundred thousand people. This privileged minority are cocooned by paid heavies while the will of the people is suppressed by the threat of force.

Let's hope they don't bang too many heads this weekend but, as I say, I'm worried about it.
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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 1:02 pm » by Dirtyrabbit

any of you watching this live on CNN?

this is amazing!
time 8am est

now they are just showing it on and off but I think its live on the CNN web site

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