Flying Eyeless Woman over the Hudson River

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New York (Cryptozoology News)– A man claims a strange creature appeared before him Saturday night while driving on the Bear Mountain Bridge across the Hudson River.
Loren Freeman, 58, told Cryptozoology News he was heading home from work, when a blinding light suddenly interrupted his journey.
“I had no idea what to do next. As I reach the bridge, the radio stops working and a few seconds later a huge white light comes in front of me. I thought oh crap, I am about to crash.”
But apparently, he was the only driver crossing the bridge at the moment. According to Morgan, the light was “very big at first” then it contracted into a “tiny little spark that resembled a star in the sky.”
“I didn’t stop the car, even though I wanted to, but I wasn’t sure if another car was behind. After the light became small, it expanded and it took the shape of a circle. You know like the movies when they show black holes and stuff like that?”
So he drove his car through the strange light. What happened next, Morgan says, changed his life forever.
“I slowed down the speed a little. I wasn’t sure, at some point I thought it was just fog. But as soon as I came into the light, I saw her. I gotta admit I was scared, I had no idea what to expect. I began thinking that I should have stopped the car just to be on the safe side, but when you are driving you gotta make fast decisions you know? So anyways, it was too late to stop.”
He claims there was an eyeless woman, dressed in a white dress, floating over an endless tunnel inside the light.
“I thought this is it, I am dead, I just crashed and I am dead. It felt like time had stopped. The light wasn’t there anymore, it became a tunnel. I couldn’t see the end. I kept driving inside the tunnel, and this woman kept floating in front of my car, keeping the distance from the car, sometimes she’d move like a moth under the light, very fast. She was wearing a white dress, her skin was pale, shiny, it sparkled. She didn’t have eyes. He had skin where the eyes should be. She kept opening her mouth, as if she was trying to tell me something.”
After a few attempts, Morgan was able to read the mysterious woman’s lips. “I think she was saying something like: be kind or not blind… Human. I freaked out, I felt scared but happy at the same time…somehow. I have no clue why. Then the woman disappeared and the tunnel became narrower. I saw the light becoming bigger and bigger at the end of the tunnel. I finally reached the end of it and came out on the bridge.”
He was shaken by the ordeal but that wasn’t all: his car wasn’t on the bridge anymore.
“I was shocked. I still thought I was dead until I heard the radio coming back. The thing is, I know this sounds probably crazier than the light and the woman, but the thing is that the bridge was gone. I mean, the bridge was there, but I hadn’t reached it yet. I had about a five minute drive from the point where I was placed until I could reach the bridge. I was on the bridge when I saw the light. Now I wasn’t there anymore. So naturally, I turned around and took a different route…no way I’d go over the bridge again. I was freaked out.”
The words, Morgan concluded, were probably referring to his marriage.
“My wife’s dad died last month and I have been a jerk to her. I should have been more sensitive and I believe that’s what the woman meant.”
He also told us that he is not under medication and that he doesn’t drink. “Well, I mean, I drink every now and then. I haven’t been diagnosed with any mental disease, not that I know of, unless my mom hid it from me when I was little. Come on, I am a very healthy person. I don’t do drugs and I am not crazy or anything. Of course I didn’t tell my wife about what happened, I felt silly, but the truth is that the incident changed my life. I can say I feel thankful for it.”
Last December, three people allegedly witnessed a similar creature over another bridge in Portland,

In 2008, the TV show Primer Impacto, based in Mexico, broadcasted the video of a “flying witch” hovering over the mountains of Nuevo Leon city.

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Wow. That's really cool! I hadn't heard about any of this, so thanks! :cheers:
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