Flying saucers: an invention by Nikola Tesla?!

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I'll keep this fairly short and simple. You can find more info on the net by googling: Nikola Tesla ether physics, Nikola Tesla flying saucers, William Lyne Pentagon aliens..
..It's better you do your own reading and research with the material, than me explaining it to you since i'm no expert on electrical engineering.

William Lyne has writen few books on his research on flying saucers, and according to his material, which has convinced me, flying saucers would be based on Nikola Tesla's discoveries an inventions.
William Lyne's books can be found on amazon .com, including his Pentagon Aliens, which i higly recomend.

According to this material, flying saucers work on electricity, using AC-current on the other end of the craft, DC-current on the other end, pulsing in certain frequencies, manipulating the ether-medium and so giving the craft it's abilities, if this is true flying saucers/ufos would be man made, no aliens involved.

The AC and DC discharges, same way as HAARP (ionospheric heaters), ionize the atmospheric gases,creating plasma and making it glow in various colours (and intensity) around the craft, according to how much power/voltage is being used.

Tesla's inventions were first used by Nazi Germany in their Foo Fighters in the 1920-30's. After WW II the Flyingsaucer projects moved over to USA and were headed by Werner Von Braun, the same guy who was in charge of the projects earlier in Germany.

The Nazis also started spreading propaganda, that the Thule and Vril-societies "channeled" the info to build these crafts (working on "vril-power") from some alien "nordics"... White men from outer-space to keep racially conscious, even with aliens, right?! LOL!
..This propaganda has today taken a reptilian/grey form.

The vril-myth is taken out of Edward Bulwer-Lytton's book; The Coming Race. In the book, the vril is described to be an "all-permeating fluid", which, more commonly or in our scientific terms is known as; ether or luminiferous ether.

The flyingsaucer technology has been hidden from the public by the world's money elite, also known as the Illuminati; Oil-, motor-,avition-, trasportation- and energy companies etc. ..and bankers.
It has been kept from us for atleast 70 years. Since then our enviroment has been destroyed as well as people's health all over the world..pollution, poverty and hunger.

According to some people, Tesla also discovered away to derive free enviromental energy, for your everyday household needs, and wanted to give his inventions and discoveries to the whole world, for the benefit of whole mankind, but strangely the global money elite said NO!

Now Tesla's papers and patents are illegally held from public and kept somewhere in the USA.

Here are some links to Tesla and Lyne material:

To get to know what ether-medium is:

A summary of Tesla's statements on his electro-craft

Writings on and by Tesla on his inventions ..on some he talks about his electro-craft.

Summation of Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity (ether physics and electro propulsion system) by William Lyne

Video material on the subject:

Hitler's Secret Flying Saucers, a studio discussion with William Lyne: ... ng+saucers

Nazi Ufos How They Fly, a studio discussion with William Lyne:

Hitler's Secret Flying Saucers:

Nazi Ufos How They Fly:

Pdf-version of William Lyne's books can be found here: ... Search#896


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Great first post. Welcome. :cheers:

(Sure you're not William Lyne?)
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PostSun Jun 07, 2009 3:22 pm » by Rizze

Two Videos Vril Technology

Worth watching, quite new to you tube.

Part 1

Upload to

Part 2

Upload to


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PostSun Jun 07, 2009 3:25 pm » by Mushroom

Thanks for the links :flop:
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PostSun Jun 07, 2009 4:41 pm » by Cee420

Nice to see you guys find the post interesting.

"(Sure you're not William Lyne?)"

Quite sure,bro! Mr. Lyne just happens to be pretty much the only one writing about this angle, that i know of.
Apparently the "cia" has cleaned alot of the material out of public view..

in the 1950's Morris Jessup also started talking and writing about his observation on ufos, and in he's view they where operating on electricity ...he ended up taking his own life breathing exhaust fume's in his car ..according to sum it was abit fishy, the way it all went.

"Jessup also played a key role in the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment". In The Case for the UFO Jessup theorized about the means of propulsion that flying saucer-style UFOs might use. Jessup speculated that anti-gravity and/or electromagnetism may have been responsible for the observed flight behavior of UFOs. He lamented, both in the book and the publicity tour which followed, that space flight research was concentrated in the area of rocketry, and that little attention was paid to these other theoretical means of flight, which he felt would ultimately be more fruitful."


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PostSun Jun 07, 2009 7:00 pm » by Lowsix

Mr Cee..

lol man youre the first person whos ever staked out my underlying suspicion..well at least pointed at people who do..

The possibilities are just so strong..
Not that I think it covers all craft, since there 'seems' to be older examples..
but ive certainly wondred about some of the newer ones..

That was a great post man, certainly hope you stick around adding to our thought soup!

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PostSat Jun 13, 2009 8:35 am » by Cee420

Thanks for the comments.

Well, about the ancient aliens-theory by Sitchin and others ..these theories aren't scientificly very sound are they?

Here's a site covering Sitchin's translations, his aliens and Nibiru theories:

It is also stated on wikipedia, that no scholars support Sitchin's translations.

It is the same when we look at the Mayan 2012-thing. There are two groups covering that subject also; Mayanists, who are the scholarly researchers, and then there is the Mayanism-people who are more into pseudo-ways in their work

On Ufos in old paintings etc. ..alot of the paintings shown on the site in high res have been used by the "ancient aliens" supporters in their claims. ... _DEBUNKED/ ... EBUNKED_2/

When it comes to visions writen down in spiritual/religious texts ..people have been consuming hallucinogenic plants, prolly even before creation of the first religion ..Hunter-gatherers searching for food, and eating poisonous things by accident.. snake bites etc. ..high fever ..all these can cause people to hallucinate ..and at some point the spirit-world started to talk to man ..and so on.
When we look at cave painting and such as evidence of aliens visiting Earth ..these painted pictuers don't tell if these things where seen as 3rd eye visions or beings met in flesh. The ancient alien theory is just one way to interpret these pictures.

The way "astral-visions" work is that the 3D person is just looking at a panorama of images projected into his mind by the "spirit world", then it is up to the seer if he chooses to believe these visions to be true or not. ..there is no law that these "thought projections" have to be based on reality ..these visions, the information given through these experiences can be 100% made up, lies.

...back to the electro-crafts

What our more "commonly" known history tells us about the history of flight is that the 400 bc kites where invented in China. And that around 2000 years a go a wooden flying bird was invented, which apparently used steam to operate.

One guy's research to be looked at would be the Canadian "wild man", John Hutchison ..alot of sources are "debunking" Mr. Hutchison's work, but he also gets alot of harrasment and approaches from the gov., so out of this one could think he could be onto something. ..i'm not yet that familiar with his work ..just begining to look into it.

When it comes to UFOs, Hutchison tells us they are alien crafts ..but what i find abit odd, is that Hutchison, who is using alot of Tesla's research and methods, would not be familiar with Tesla's electro-flying machine, which Tesla apparently told to be one of his main projects ..see where i'm getting at.

I also found a debunking-article to William Lyne's material ..but it mostly covers Lyne's theory of the construct of ether ..and how Lyne interpret some of the statements on ether made by Tesla and other scientists.
..This to me doesn't change things all that much, cause no one, even back in the day had a firm understanding what ether really is ..our modern science don't really even consider ether to exist. ..and books burn easily.
Debunking Lyne's "occult ether physics..." ... 20Lyne.pdf

Here's the wiki link to ether theories:


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PostMon Jun 15, 2009 1:50 pm » by Cee420

The debunking Lyne pdf was gone from the original source ..but here's a new link to the pdf.


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PostMon Jun 15, 2009 2:16 pm » by Cornbread714

Good research on a great subject, keep it up! :flop:
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PostMon Jun 15, 2009 3:12 pm » by Stone069

I found a page recently on Tesla, TONS of info. There are plenty of vids here on disclose too. I am still going through most of it. This guy has always interested me. Numerous inventions of his have been attributed to others. ... s-Treaties


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