Form impressing and the gospel of mediocrity

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If your love to your spouse has somehow gone,

buy her nice french, soucy lingery;

send her through a cosmetics saloon and make sure she has seen a fine hair dresser;

for, you know, form is all, and nothing else matters.

And if you did nothing and someone is asking you, what you have done,

do not forget to smile predending, you are fine and sooo busy;

move, rubb your face for making it look fresh and have the appearance of Mr Jack of all trade;

for, you know, form is all and mediocrity sounds sober.

If you sit with people having some deep conversations,

predend to be firm like a little expert;

do not sit silent, because it gives you the appearance of not knowing nothing, and this is bad;

for, you know, form is all and much talking gives you much attention.

And if you can`t affort a nice looking car, lease one for a weekend,

take a ride where many nice looking ladies are hanging around:

maybe you are seen and you can enjoy being together with an empty head chick,

for, you know, form is all and fucking with a smart brain is a little difficult.

Welcome to a world of form impressing and the gospel of mediocrity. The more form, the less content you need.

But maby all this is only a bad dream...
Hope is the thing with feathers...
Emily Dickinson

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