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Four-eyed fish
The four-eyed fish has a unique eye configuration. Each eye lens has one facet for looking out of the water and another for seeing in it. This complex eye lens can focus two images simultaneously from above and below the water so it is called a four-eyed fish. These fish eyes are large and bulging, like those of a frog. Because it can see out of the water, it is difficult for fishermen to catch this fish.
The complex processing requirements;for the brain from the four images, coupled with its elegant optical design, make it easy to believe that the eyes of this fish were specifically designed. (P. 324, Readers Digest, Exploring the Secrets of Nature, 1994)

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These fish will group differently depending on the species. A. anableps commonly congegrates in schools.A. microlepis also is gregarious, but restricts its schools to about a dozen individuals; it is also recorded to be found singly or as couples.

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