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PostSun Sep 23, 2012 2:57 am » by Slith

Since this is turning into a shitfest, I'll give a warning. Keep it on subject and stop the personal shit slinging, or it'll be locked

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PostSun Sep 23, 2012 2:58 am » by pacmanpacks

Killtylerdurden wrote:
pacmanpacks wrote:MAGNET MOTORS WORK

Ah no, they don't.

Just because your brain doesn't work, just because you are a fucked up idiot who can't read, who can't even click a feaking link to know for a FACT that I DO know what I am talking about, that free energy IS real, that ALL you are is an empty fascist shill - Sorry to see you fall this low.

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PostSun Sep 23, 2012 2:59 am » by Hurtswhenipee

dlslith wrote:
pacmanpacks wrote:

OMG - Would you PLEASE JUST FUCK OFF? Go jump off a bridge somewhere, ok?

You dont even read or see who post what, ALL you want is to make everything PERSONAL with CRAP all the time. YOU ARE AN IDIOT, OK? NOW YOU HAVE TO 1) LEARN TO LIVE WITH THIS FACT AND 2) PREVENT THIS FROM PISSING EVERYONE OFF WITH A BRAIN !!!

Webhead wrote:magnet motors do not work simple, there isnt 1 single person in the world that can prove it ,there is also a huge amount of money being offered to anyone n the universe that can, so please stop this garbage it doesnt work end of.

and if you say yes it does prove it right now this minute and il tell you how to collect alot of money.

its utter rubbish.

yeah yeah, and you are a fascist little prick who didn't even care to read the topic, look up the FACTS before posting, just wasting everyones time with made up crap. Write cia212 on PM and STAY THERE !!!

erm...haters..... :hell:

Image :cheers:

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PostSun Sep 23, 2012 11:24 pm » by Troll2rocks

pacmanpacks wrote:
Cia212 wrote:Bedini, Hutchison, Greer, the MEG, really? This video is a collection of scams, nothing more. The end bit with the MEG is laughable. All of these guys claim their ideas are suppressed, yet the MEG guy gets a deal - after only a 5 minute presentation!!! All he has to do is prove his device works.....oops.

You really do not understand anything, do you? You are a childish fool, admit it.

Agenda 21 won't let any power plants survive! In Obama's words "I will bankrupt them" or Maurice Strong, head of the UN said it him self: The UN's greatest goal now, is to un-industrialise the entire western world - do you get that mr. pie-brain?

This isn't a joke. This isn't something you can just go "oh" and "oops" over one small clip; you need to get your head screwed on straight (like so many other fascist loving fools in here) and begin to STUDY !!!

But again: The UN doesn't just want to prevent you from getting power and heat with thigs like global Agenda 21; they want you to DIE; they are coming now to KILL you, when the entire economic system collapse VERY SOON you will not even have "units" enough on your digital NWO / 666 check-coded credit card to pay your exhale / your Co2 / your "carbon footprint" AND THIS ALONE WILL BE REASON ENOUGH FOR THE ELITE TO KILL YOU, TO EXTERMINATE YOU !!! IF MORONS LIKE YOU DO NOT GET INFORMED AND BEGIN TO PREPARE, TO HELP YOUR SELFS, NOW, THEN NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO HELP ANY OF YOU EITHER VERY SOON !!!

Upload to

Upload to


Cia212 wrote:
AntediluvianDog wrote:And the video has been removed by the user , dtv video link seems to not be found ...

His second one is worse than the one he deleted.

Oh yeah, and what are YOU doing you fascisti loving little whore? What are YOU doing, other than sit around picking your noise and posting crap all over the net? Fuck off.

AntediluvianDog wrote:And the video has been removed by the user , dtv video link seems to not be found ...

At you can't edit your post after a while, but I found an error in my first upload and is why I deleted it again.

See the 2. upload here: ... ion__FACT/


Is this an acceptable way to debate ?

What do you think ?
Censorship debunking & disinformation, it's all in a days work.

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PostSun Sep 23, 2012 11:30 pm » by Troll2rocks

Oreocannon wrote:do you see people what i am talking about? He immediately changed the subject because he cannot debunk that and started demanding other things. maybe if you comply with him and just answer his question he will stop? no he wont.
He wants the names and phone numbers of private companies using the device. how are we suppose to get that?
why the fuck should i care what you think cia?

Look at him gentlemen. he has registered on a conspiracy forum not to discuss intelligent subjects and learn but to provoke and demand proof. If trolls like him were banned, we would be free to discuss books and blueprints on how exactly free energy works, and perhaps discover something ourselves. but he is paid to provoke and demand proof, so you dont have time to discuss the subject. he will use any tactic to insult and make fun of you.

hey cia212, FUCK YOU, futhermore:
1 we wont present any "proof" that you seek of, if you do not believe in free energy kindly leave the thread
2 the thread is for people who believe in free energy and wish to discuss how it can be possible
3 call us tinfoil hats and crazy people all you want and get the fuck out, we dont care what you say, we dont wish to talk to you, and we will not provide anything that you ask because we dont give a fuck what you believe.

And because i have a small forum where pieces of shit like you are not allowed, i am free to assemble many books on free energy and water cars, then i will post them here for everyone to see. and everyone will download them....and everyone will know.
and you can come and blab how "my books are shit" and how "im crazy" but it wont change anything, people will still wonder and downloading the books and see for themselves.
in fact today or tomorrow at the latest i will upload books on free energy here just to make you cry faggot!
go home disinfo agent, you wont disrupt intelligent people here any more.

Is this acceptable ?

People have a right to debate and be sceptical until there is such evidence that is conclusive.

Insulting people because they disagree with your theory is not a very mature thing to do. It gives the moral high ground to those who oppose you. Debating and insulting are two very different things.
Censorship debunking & disinformation, it's all in a days work.


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