"free energy" books exchange (i give you 45)

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PostMon Oct 01, 2012 2:21 pm » by Oreocannon

yes you are, are you going to take picks at my grammar, or will you say where exactly do you find flaws in the blueprints?

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PostMon Oct 01, 2012 2:26 pm » by Crusader

Neither, I had to assume this as you frequently misunderstand the point I am making. Re-read my penultimate post as you have not understood.
Regular is not a unit of measure

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PostMon Oct 01, 2012 2:47 pm » by Oreocannon

thanks but i dont feel like loosing any more time on your flip floping.
everyone saw how you lie, and your tactics.
everyone saw the books
i collected what i wanted
i sure feel happy hows about you?

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PostTue Oct 02, 2012 12:21 am » by SUKHOV

Kinninigan wrote:
pacmanpacks wrote:FIRST post I do here:


that is something every single one of you in here should read and understand - not that I want to ban cia212 or any other troll (paid of not) but to understand that he is not a true or serious person, I am - I can admit if I make a mistake, but I am not going to get attacked like that without somekind of ending that at least (should) make sense to everyone else who read what I write.

Bottom line: We don't have time for all this nonsense, we are really about to be killed by UN / NATO's "skynet", with drones, locked on target: Your smart phone or iPad - I am not saying this for effect OR as a joke, I can't even explain with words if I had a year how deep we are already into the new world order aka Agenda 21 + more to come. . .

i wanna restate something too, i DO NOT think "cia212" is dis-info or am i pointing out any dtv members

my statement goes to the "whole conspiracy realm in general"

but i am weary about members who NEVER write threads but chime in on everyone elses

it does even give them a "baseline" as to what their area of knowledge is but they expect people to follow their word as "the truth"

and because i research reptilians and the illuminati i am very keen on this

I understand your sentiment Kinn, but as a poster/ non topic writer (for the most part, you might see a couple from me here and there) I do not believe us posters who do not make topics believe our posts to be irrefutable truth.

My posts are purely opinion, unless provided with a link, or if the statement is an obvious fact.

As for the free energy, nothing is free. Newton's third law guys. What we should be investing time in for a bright future for everyone (that includes other species...) is Clean, sustainable, and VERY low cost energy (and I don't mean cost in dollars, I mean cost in energy to receive energy)

Cheers buddy :cheers: :hugging:
The True Sons of Liberty are alive and well.
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