Freemason Paedophiles, Blair Bush, Royals, Jersey & Jimmy Sa

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PostFri Nov 23, 2012 2:21 pm » by Malogg

Freemason Paedophiles, Blair Bush, Royals, Jersey & Jimmy Saville EXPOSED

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What's the real truth that you will never hear about in the media because the mainstream media is owned by the very people who hold this truth and don't want YOU to know shit.... Well if you are not too ignorant enough to see though the deception and take a look for your self past the masses and masses of dis-information out there you may well start t op see the truth for what it is... and its MASSIVE .

Time to wake up..
Oh Kingdom of Scotland - To be FREE again - Beastminsters smarmy and stinks of SH1TE HAFKNHAHA HA FKN HA...Salmonds a bawbag and Darlings a fkn sissy...Oh to be FREE again...

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