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Just wondering where everyone stands on this popular, but rarely discussed group?

Here is a good link to collections of Freemason activities and stuff...Are they good are they bad? I did here a story regarding one of the defendants at the Nuremberg trials getting off lightly because he and the British judge were brother masons...but have to dig out that source for his name...

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Well I guess that's an answer :clapper:

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Shit 0 posts....
Man freemasons here in france are really everywhere..they dont talk about it overhere...they construct their symbols and dont hide they constructed a pyramid just near my neighberhood! if you want to see it..tell me.

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I think i remember you saying you were from the UK, so you may find this of interest ... s+&+Lodges

Most of the information surrounding this group is found on conspiracy sites who add their own spin, so I am sometimes skeptical of all the claims made on such sites.

There is definately a freemason society, but I do not think its another block in the NWO pyramid. IMO its just a group of people serving the interests of each other, for collective gain.

I once worked for a member of the said society when he managed to land a £multi-million contract amid heavy competition, which is why my opinion was forged in such a fashion.
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