Fresh bomb attack rocks Mogadishu

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Deaths and injuries have been left in the Somali capital Mogadishu after a car bomb went off there on Friday. The explosion targeted a convoy of African Union troops. It was the latest in a series of bombings that have targeted the city over the past months, with civilians being the main victims.

Security officials blame al-Shabaab local fighters for the attacks including Friday's blast. They accuse the al-Shabaab fighters of carrying out the bombings because they have lost their major strongholds to government forces.

The deadly car bomb blast flattened makeshift shops on the airport road. It took place near a UN compound that had come under a deadly attack in June.

Lately the capital has come under attacks from the local fighter group Al-Shabaab. This particular attack targeted a convoy of African Union peacekeeping troops passing along the airport road. Now, the government terms it as a terrorist attack but it clearly depicts how fragile the security situation is, here in Mogadishu.

Many believe that security remains the biggest challenge for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Nevertheless, the United Nations says that it remains firmly behind Somalia.

Mogadishu has experienced a period of relative calm since AU forces and the Somali Army pushed back the Al-Shabaab fighters. That's why many believe that the group has shifted to other tactics to prove their presence.

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