From Kybalion to Tao - Te - Ching - this is challenging

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There are some references to the Kybalion also here at dtv.

Without question this work is nice to read and has deep thoughts.

It was first published in 1908. And there are undeniable traces leading to the New Thought Movement and William Walker Atkinson (see

Again, Kybalion was first published in 1908. Is there really a longer tradition as many claim? But where are the manuscripts? Where is the proof of this work being much older?

I would say, besides Kybalion you should rather study the thin and famous Tao - Te - Ching by Lao - Tse.

This book has a long tradition being proved and touches similar questions as Kybalion does.

Tao - meaning way - is the nameless essence or principle of the universe, something like the ground of Being.

In 81 chapters - being very short - the little basic book of Taoism is talking in similes and paradoxes about how all things move and go thus leading very, very deep.

Here is a good and correct online version - go deep into it:
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