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Mep630 wrote:
Naranja wrote:Jesse Ventura is not trustworthy, he has been Governor right? What if Al Gore made shit like this, would you trust him?
It is not about Jessie #1, it is the guy he is interviewing.

and I trust Jessie more then my government, congress and or president. Say what you want, just the fact he was a seal should tell you he knows some inside things. But again if you never been in the military and all you know is TV and garbage propaganda, then there is not much that can help you.

Yeah I hear ya, but id rather hear he tell us all about his space travel AFTERWARDS not before, that is just speculations. The fact that Jesse Ventura was a seal doesnt mean he knows shit, hes just a disposable pawn it only implies that he has been subject to mind control experiments and such. I have never been in the military, as a kid I thought it seemed cool, but as I grew up I realized the absurdity of being a murderer for a cause that never ever will be to anyones favor except for those in control.

I can understand that people trust him, hes like that strong cool uncle type, at first I wanted to trust him, but "they" know that people trust people like him "a man of the people" and that makes me trust him even less. Just like they put Obama in to "power" so they can get the sympathy of black people.

I like Joe Rogan, but he has been in to much tv shows and stuff like that so he cant be trusted.

Michael Tsarion on the other hand, no media attention no bullshit phd ish professor type, tells like it is. A man I would like to cuddle with when the going gets tough.

plus navy seals are gay.

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