Further Information on 21/3/2011 This is not a joke

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PostThu Mar 24, 2011 3:02 pm » by Boondox681

Gotta love the drug f****d deep fried americans and their utter BS Bonghead crap.
You guys...with your 2012 bs and yourr special disclosure BS, have actually managed to slow down the progress of the entire world... screw the new world order....I'd rather anyone else but you stupid druggy mofos running this world. And that goes for the UK too, friggin closet case pervert boot lickin wannabes.

You guys f*****d this world up, now its up to the rest of us to fix it.

Could "yall" do me and the no drug using world a favor? if you think all this shit is real, if you really actually in your moronic brains think all this is happening...why not just all go kill yourselves? you really think the world would miss a whole bunch of stoned losers?

No one would even blink, seriously, you have managed to inject all this made up pipe dream crap, into our reality..and you f*****d everything up.

So what...the world has supposed to have eneded like...10 times this year already accordign to the mornic mentally ill bi polar american/uk community...but everytime you get it wrong..and you keep coming back..seriously. Do you guys get laid? Do you have any money? Do you like.....sit around and make special little videos for you guys to get your wang on?

seriously, you guys are retarded, all of you..every one of you.

And when December 22nd hits? I hope this board gets so over run with new members singing up to tell you dicks where to go, even your mum wont be able to coax you out from your miserable hole.

Hows it feel to be....stupid? so like....the WHOLE world is wrong...but you pot smoking shut in lonley losers..are right.

haha, only in america....lets nuke em!!! then at last we could all get back to the good stuff.

i have no respect for a 'man' who can't even say/write the word FUCK.
come on back after you retrieve your balls from your boyfriend's purse


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