Gaddafi kills self

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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 5:12 pm » by Boondox681

note* every war the Allied fought since WW2 ....they have lost .

iraq one?
iraq two wasn't a was just a takeover.i'll give you that one.
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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 5:18 pm » by Spock

marduk2012 wrote:Western intervention in Lybia would be the dumbest thing to do. The Libyans aren't fighting for democracy, they dont have the slightest idea what democracy means.

Isnt Afganistan enough?

note* every war the Allied fought since WW2 ....they have lost .

Really? Ask Saddam that. Of that's right, he's not around anymore.

Okay, ask the Taliban. Wait, you'll have to hunt them down in the woods.

If the U.S. is asked, by the right side of justice, to intervene, realizing there are consequences, then yes, I think it is ethical for allied forces to help. More ethical then leaving a monstrous regime or brutal dictator in power.

Of course - salivating libs will spew, LOOK AT THE UNITED STATES AND THEIR KILLING", all the while turning a blind eye to the senseless slaughter of people within their own lands.

You ask about Afghanistan. Was it better under the Taliban?

You ask about Iraq. Was it better under Saddam and the Baath Party?

You do realize these are regimes focused around sharia law. To stand by them means to stand by sharia law.

If they wish to become a republic, then they should be helped, just like Russia was helped during the Reagan/Grobechev years.

I see it like this. We (meaning western civilization) should keep it's arms at its side, unless begged for intervention.

But when the bombs fall, and people are liberated, expect there to be some nation building once the damage is done, and stop fighting against it and bitching about it. Or if that is the what is to be expected, then shut the fuck up, die at the hand of your oppressor and stop crying for us to help with a damn thing. I would much rather my tax dollars go back into my own pocket as opposed to helping a bunch of bitching on the run for their lives from their own oppressors, only to cry foul once their oppressor has been neutralized.

The only reason the U.S. didn't take control in Korea and Vietnam is because the wars had become politicized. What needs to be learned from history is, when you let the dogs out, you let them do their job, then put them back in the cage when they are done. Don't ask them to fight with a leash around their neck.
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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 5:20 pm » by NamelessGhoul

boondox681 wrote:iraq one?

Upload to


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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 5:35 pm » by Boondox681

iraq one was the last conflict on this planet where both sides used tanks armor and aircraft against each other..
that's the definition of war.

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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 5:56 pm » by Cornbread714

There is no way we could have "won" in Viet Nam. There is no way we will "win" in Afghanistan. There is no point in invading Libya.

The only "winners" in any war are the profiteers and the scumbags that finance both sides. I'm sick of that shit.
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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 6:02 pm » by Drjones

14 replies to a post with completely false information. C'mon ! :oops: :badair:

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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 6:10 pm » by Willease

spock wrote:Toro - Reagan was THE MAN!

Cowboy President? Yes. When Reagan got the hostages out of Iran, a news reporter asked him why he decided to do it. Reagan, in the voice we all remember, said, " Well, I just asked myself what John Wayne would do".

That's fine and dandy except Reagon had little to do with the freeing of the hostages in Iran.

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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 6:33 pm » by Boundlessearth

Two words for you 'Ross Perot' I think the book about it was called 'On the wings of eagles' Ronny was the first full time patsy, they gave up after the Carter fiasco and since then have only installed the most gullible of leaders, can't have any one with two big of brain of their own, Clinton, Bush, Obama, are you seeing a pattern here folks? What's up Mods, tripe that had no bearing on reality and no support links used to be quickly zapped now days it seems these are the only links that now get traction other that the long term links with hundreds of responses which nobody in there right mind would attempt to read??! Seems like the new topics forum is not what it used to be, is it just me or does it seem the last few weeks or so that their are fewer new post and the refresh rate has gone down, for days in a row now the same topics sit on top with few brand new topics being entered. Did we lost some posters recently or something?
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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 6:37 pm » by Stratafire

Gaddafi is trying to abstain from receiving the reaping of what he has "sown", as all spoiled children who weld power do (including O'Butt'Ma and all of congress)

He continues to do what he has always done, because what he has always done, has worked (until now that is) because unlike the days of old, when the illusion of plenty, the false semblance of "order" was maintained, and the people remained asleep at the wheel of independent responsibilities as dictated by the gift of 'free will", the people are now awakened, and emboldened by the smell of death that surrounds him and his root of power, so much so, that they are willing to die for the belief that "He need to get out!"..

All seats of power across this world, will be challenged, they will eventually be overruled by the free will of each individual as the lies, the deceits, the ways of politics, becomes known for what it has become, a means to control the population, for the benefit of the few...

His rule has waned, and he will soon be taken care of, as the harder he fights to quell the awakening of the people, the sooner his downfall, and the greater the evisceration he will have to suffer (as well as his family)..

And this talk of War? .. the so called "wars" we have been in since WWII, are not wars, they are "skirmishes", one sided events, where the outcome was known, because it was "politically" motivated, Business interests controlled, and executed by appearance of trying to accomplish something..

Real War knows no boundaries, takes no prisoners, gives no quarter, and does "everything" to win, no matter the means at ones disposal, or the age of the "enemy", Real war has no moral code, that is an illusion garnered by the liberal mentality that believes War can be won by "talk" rather then actions (to simply "talk the talk" rather then walk the walk) Real war would kill a child to get a result, as much as it will then kill the parent (the enemy) who come to it's defense.. No..... Real War, has rarely been seen of it's likes in modernized society since WWII, only certain areas in Africa demonstrate what real War 'IS"..

Be glad you have not seen it yet, but soon you will (as we all will) when the cloaks of deceit are pulled back, to lay bare the twisted realties we have been lead to believe, are the "real deal".. You cannot tell me that when your child is starving, needs food, that you would not kill the devil himself for the small french fry he is holding (much less anyone else) just to give your child what you can before even yourself..

Most here have never experienced real "War", the only ones that have, are in Black Op's...Be glad you had the illusion for as long as you did, soon though, you will be wishing for the "simpler times" when you had no knowledge of the world, and your only concern, was the "newest toys" that are on the market.. Those days are "numbered"...

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PostSun Mar 06, 2011 6:45 pm » by Eldorado

dlslith wrote:I'm surprised someone hasn't taken him out by now. He is a piece of shit that should have been flushed years ago. A disgusting human being, to say the least

He's been cleared by the disclose tv crew for the German Nightclub bombing and the Lockerbie Bombings.......

Then the US/Google/Facebook are not even concerned with the "protesters" using American websites to start "Day of Rage" protests?? But if you say fuck you to a chick on Facebook you get investigated, arrested, and your cpu confiscated??????

Then the US steps in to "back" the protests???? WTF is this rant about SuperMod....can't you read? the site is supposed to be for truth, but so many are enticed by the first press report that comes out of an American fueled press industry.

This cannot be networked by some laptop carrying unemployed coffee shop patron who's gotten is the work of a more sophisticated machine of confusion...........reports that the Mosaad have been stepping up the disinfo......zinzana and the mass posting bandit's all too timed and co-incidental.

Wake up :sunny:

This place is becoming no different than a twitter networked page. On top of the fact that there is nothing here that justifies the rioting the "protesters" were a part of.
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