Gaddafi kills self

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redwoodrick wrote:
spock wrote:Toro - Reagan was THE MAN!

Cowboy President? Yes. When Reagan got the hostages out of Iran, a news reporter asked him why he decided to do it. Reagan, in the voice we all remember, said, " Well, I just asked myself what John Wayne would do".

Reagan didn't get the hostages out of Iran.Jimmy Carter did.Reagan (or rather the GOP) made back room deals to delay the release until after the election.


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The Penny Has Dropped
By Gilad Atzmon on March 8, 2011

Gilad Atzmon – March 8, 2011

Ynet reported yesterday , that in a BBC global poll gauging attitudes towards various countries worldwide, Israel came pretty much at the bottom – There were just three countries less popular than the Jewish State – Pakistan, North Korea and Iran.

The Israelis must find it hard to accept that their state is one of the least popular countries in the world. Seemingly, Zionism – that presented itself as a promise to bring about a civilised and lovable Jewish state – has totally failed.

In spite of relentless Hasbara efforts and the Jewish lobbies around the world, the penny has dropped – People out there see Israel for what it is : Just 21% of those polled wordlwide expressed a positive opinion of Israel.

I guess that the message is clear – the solidarity with the Palestinians is about to become a tidal wave. Palestinian solidarity is the true meaning of humanism.

We are now a mass movement that is becoming increasingly aware of itself as such.

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so if america starts pumping oil out next year due to it having trillions of barells of oil on its vast land then does this mean all its citizens with birthcerticates of us citerzenship all own the new oil fields that the us gov .com already now exists , so all americans file a claim next year your debts will go away with your new found wealth .
Oil wealth ‘must be shared’ with citizens says Soros,” the BBC credulously reports. But if anyone believes that George Soros really wants the people of Libya, or of any other other country, “to get the benefit of those natural resources,” they should take a look at what happened in the aftermath of previous Soros-backed “democratic revolutions.” By 2009, five years after Ukraine’s so-called “Orange Revolution,” disillusionment with the failure of President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to end corruption ran so high that 41% of the population were ready to take to the streets again. Perhaps of more concern to the billionaire Quantum hedge fund manager, however, was the fact that “democratic change” had enabled the oligarch-friendly Nat Rothschild to prospect for oil in the newly-liberated country. As K R Bolton argues in another well-researched piece in Foreign Policy Journal, the global oligarchs seem to have similar ignoble plans for a post-Qaddafi the us will give all its citizens shares in its new found oil fields and new gas supply americans can apply for this new wealth by applying with there birth certicate number you all are rich america well done you deserve the new found wealth .

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