gaddafi's son killed in nato airstrike

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PostSun May 01, 2011 12:42 am » by Heinousone

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Here Graham is talking about dropping a bomb on him because "he isnt the rightful leader of Libya"

Why did he meet with him 9 months ago if he wasnt the rightful leader? Why are Senators that are meant to represent a State In the US Senate meeting with a foreign leader anyways? Do the states of Arizona, Connecticut and South Carolina have some business with Libya above and beyond the business all other states have with Libya?

These men are acting well above and beyond their duties as Senators representing their respective states and now nine months after such unlawful actions they are calling for the death of Gadhafi and the military is trying to assassinate them via 500 pound bombs.

This is America, this is our Government. He is guiding Gates through questions meant to influence other congressmen so that they wouldnt dare not support this action. Those are guiding questions in which the answers are already known, talk about a prepared conversation.

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PostSun May 01, 2011 1:27 am » by Ghost32

CNN live (01.05.2011) - Gaddafi son Sarif Al-Arab killed by airstrike

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PostSun May 01, 2011 1:57 am » by Eliakim

If true, may he rest in peace. Here he asks for Libya's money back from the French President. He also had a lot to say about the Arab league and Qatar.

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