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PostSat Jun 05, 2010 10:21 am » by Viggz

enigma91 wrote:Oh are they gonna do the whole "you have to evolve your mind mannnnnnnnn" to get to see/be with them?

That's stupid. The only things humans will understand is a real physical ship. Not floating in a just out of focus area, not something that you have to meditate to while smoking pot, not some evolution of the mind mannnnnnnnnn, but right up where everybody can see it, and nobody can ignore it. Until then, nothing will change.

Wake me up when they decide to do something real.

Well said

Suspention In Your Breathing Is What Im Leaving Untill It Leaves U 2 Deamons Whisperin The Meaning Of Life In Ya Ear. Right Before They Make Your Mother Fucking Life Dissapear


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