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Satan has been using many different devices and contraptions in order to lure the already lost closer to a Christless eternity. While some Christians agree that a few of Satan's methods are rock music, "Christian" rock, movies, and television, one of the ones that can often be forgotten is computer games. I have had some gaming experience in my life, and if you look carefully, you can pinpoint Satan's tricks of the trade quite easily. I will display some of these a little later.

Satan knows he's already been judged by the Lord Jesus and is going to Hell for eternity, so before he gets tossed into the lake of fire, he will attempt to get as many people as he can to fall in the ditch with him so they will burn up with him – FOREVER (Revelations 12:12).

In computer games (and any other medium), he knows that it is important to desensitize man to his bidding, so he's got to make them tolerate the material, then accept it, then finally imitate it. In this article, I'm trying to focus on how Satan uses these games to help increase the population of Hell.

The praise of Satan

One of the first things that I thought of when deciding to write this article were the occultic symbols that can be found in some popular games. Doom, by Id Software, is considered by many to be the greatest game of all time. Its graphics and eerie sounds and music are probably the creepiest on the market. But why are there so many satanic symbols found in the game??

In the first episode "Knee Deep in the Dead", some pentagrams can be found. Click here to see a sample. At the last level of the first episode, Phobos Anomaly, the hero of the game, a stranded space marine, must step onto a platform with the symbol of a goat behind a pentagram in order to exit the level. In the first level of the second episode "The Shores Of Hell", an inverted cross can be found right near the beginning. In the third episode, called "Inferno", more pentagrams can be found on the ground in one of the levels. Teleporters, which move the player to different areas of the level, have pentagrams on them – some are different than others, for example, one of them has a 6 on it, but they are still there, and that's what matters. Click here to see a sample screen.

When exiting the shareware version of the game, you will see a screen with more info about what is in the full registered version. Here's what a section of it says:

"… Sure, don't order DOOM. Sit back with your milk and cookies and let the universe go to Hell. Don't face the onslaught of demons and spectres that await you on The Shores of Hell. Avoid the terrifying confrontations with cacodemons and lost souls that infest Inferno.

Or, act like a man! Slap a few shells into your shotgun and let's kick some demonic butt. Order the entire DOOM trilogy now! After all, you'll probably end up in Hell eventually. Shouldn't you know your way around before you make the extended visit? …"

This is a good example of how Satan, working behind the curtains, likes to make himself subtle and put into the ranks of Santa (Satan?) Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. But if possible, Satan would rather have himself worshipped ( Isaiah 14:14 ). According to Revelation 13, the whole world will worship the dragon (Satan).

Afterlife, by Lucasarts, is another one of Satan's highest masterpieces of subtlety in the area of computer games. In the game, which is reminiscent of Simcity 2000, players develop a Heaven and Hell that is far from the Heaven and Hell of the Bible. The plotline is that you are a local deity that must take care of Heaven and Hell. Intended to be humorous, the object of the game is to zone areas for the seven virtues and sins for souls of an alien race to inhabit without going bankrupt (If you do get bankrupt, "The four Surfers of the Apocalypso" come and destroy Heaven and Hell).

The different religions in the game each consist of four letter acronyms. Depending on what the souls believe will determine where they go – if they believe in one of the religions that involves reincarnation, like RALF (Reincarnation always loops fate), they will go back to earth to return at a later time. If they only believe in Heaven (OCRA, Only Cloud Realms Await) or Hell (OPRA, Only Pit Realms Await), they will go there. Some can even believe that they go from Heaven to Hell continually (SUMA, souls undergo multiple afterlifes). This all makes me think of the "More than one way to Heaven" tactic the ecumenical movement is using right this second. One of the religions is HOHO (Heaven or Hell only). HOHOists, depending on the good vs. evil balance in a soul, determines where the soul goes. Did the designers of this game contact the Watchtower Society, the Promise Keepers, or the LDS church for help on making this game or something?

In Heaven/Hell, the souls are rewarded/punished in different buildings depending on the virtue/sin they've done, and the buildings are all meant to be humorous. Some of the buildings in Hell are "Hellrose Place", "Camp Mennihackatorso", while some of the buildings in Heaven are "Coffee shops of The Word", "Eternal Afternoon", etc.. It's all a way of trying to make Satan and Hell more subtle.

Quake, one of Id Software's more recent offerings, is much like Doom, but much more technologically advanced, with polygons instead of sprites. But don't let that fool you – there's more of the same satanic fare, only just a bit more in your face. While loading up Quake or Doom, there is a loading indicator in the top right or bottom right of the screen. In Doom, the indicator was a small picture of a disk, but in Quake, in the top right of the screen however, it is a pentagram. Click here to see a sample screen. How do these things get in here??

This is just the beginning. One of the powerups in Quake is called "The pentagram of protection", a red rotating pentagram. Click here to see a sample screen. It makes your character invincible for a brief period of time. While the powerup is in affect, your characters armor rating turns to "666" and the portrait of your character turns to a more demonic look. Click here to see a sample screen. Yet again I ask, how do these things get in here?

In order to open doors and trigger reactions to help progress through the levels, buttons need to be pushed. One of these buttons has a star that is in front of a smaller circle. Is this another pentagram?? Click here to see a sample screen. Also in the picture, you can see a box of nails (the nails are ammo for the nailgun, a rapid fire weapon in the game) has the "NIN" symbol on it. That is the symbol for the blasphemous industrial group, Nine Inch Nails, which did the CD soundtrack (no lyrics) for the game!

Trent Reznor, the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, often blasphemes Jesus in his songs. Here's an example with the song "Terrible Lie":

"Hey God, why are you doing this to me?

Am I not living up to what I'm supposed to be?

Why am I seething with this animosity?

Hey God, I think you owe me a great big apology

Terrible lie

Terrible lie

Terrible lie

Terrible lie

Hey God, I really don't know what you mean.

Seems like salvation comes only in our dreams.

I feel my hatred grow all the more extreme.

Hey God, can this world really be as sad as it seems…"

What blasphemy! He actually thinks God owes him something, when he owes God! And like usual, he denies salvation. In another NIN song, Heresy, Reznor denies the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

"He sewed his eyes shut because he is afraid to see

He tries to tell me what i put inside of me

He's got the answers to ease my curiosity

He dreamed up a god and called it christianity

Your god is dead and no one cares

If there is a hell I will see you there…"

Trent Reznor also has an instrumental only song called "Help me i am in Hell". Seeing the path he's chosen, it might not be too long before the song title becomes a reality for him!! Hopefully he will repent and get saved before it is too late for him.

Some of the levels in Quake have joyful names like "Castle of the damned", "Hell's Atrium", "The palace of hate", and "Satan's dark delight". What I find more interesting is how there is a question and answer section in the Quake instruction manual, and there is a question that goes something like this…

Q: Are you guys Satanists?

A: No.

Yet again, they treat the whole thing as a joke. But it's not a joke at all. Satan is getting everyone prepared for his worship, and these games are a great way for him to do that. The games can be fun, but in order to play the game you must look at these symbols. And as people look at them more, they consider them usual, and it won't be long before they get interested in occult activities.

As with Doom, there is a screen that appears when you exit the shareware version of Quake that shows you how to order the registered version of the game. It is nothing more than another piece of blasphemy created by Id.

"… Yes! You only have one fourth of this incredible epic. That is because most of you have paid us nothing or at most, very little. You could steal the game from a friend. But we both know you'll be punished by God if you do. WHY RISK ETERNAL DAMNATION? Call 1-800-IDGAMES begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-IDGAMES end_of_the_skype_highlighting AND BUY NOW! Remember, we love you almost as much as he does…"

Hexen, also by Id, one of the cheat codes (hidden codes that can be typed in to cheat or change certain playing conditions in the game) is "Satan". If typed in, the "God mode" will be activated, making the player invincible to all obstacles. Makes you think of Isaiah 14:14, doesn't it?

Hexen 2, the sequel to Hexen, although I've never played it, I know that the cover of the box has a demon like creature wrapped in some sort of a snake like thing, with both of the demon's hands in the satanic salute.

In the controversial Duke Nukem 3d, created by 3D Realms, the third level in the first episode is called "Death Row". In an area near the beginning of the level (The level is a prison facility) there is a chaplain, where inside, there is a cross on the wall. Click here to see a sample screen. If Duke Nukem, the game's morally decayed hero, touches a gray portrait in front of the cross, it will invert Click here to see a sample screen. I found it interesting after I played this game, some parent and family groups were complaining to the company about the violence and sexual content in the game, yet it seemed nobody really brought up the inverted cross issue right into the open. The desensitization works!

In Warcraft 2, by Blizzard Entertainment, one of the buildings, the altar of storms, has a pentagram on it. Click here to see a sample screen. In Diablo, another game made by Blizzard, pentagrams can be found rather easily in the menus of the game.

The whole "God mode" agenda

In some games, there is an "invincibility mode", which makes the player invulnerable to enemy attacks, so the player will not die. However in recent years, it seems the industry is changing the term "Invincibility mode" to "God mode". I think that this is another way Satan wants people to think that they are gods, when they are really not (Genesis 3:5). But there is only one God (Mark 12:32).

Nowadays, more people are worshipping their friends or their favorite music stars, and are calling themselves gods and goddesses. It won't be long before they all turn their attention on the Antichrist, and later, gnash and wail their teeth (Matthew 13:42) in the lake of fire (Revelations 20:15).

This article is only scratching the surface. Each year more and more games come out, and satanic influences in computer games are gradually becoming more and more visible. But it won't be long before Satan loses the battle.

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Evil roleplaying games are sliding nude teenage girls on a greased pole straight to the FLAMES of HELL for ETERNAL TORMENT, Satan laughing aloud at this! Those who play these satanic games are actually WORSHIPPING SATAN! An INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY of roleplayers and satan worshippers promotes this evil hobby! The "Satan's little helper" picture to the right portrays an example of the BLASPHEMOUS PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES which are used to LURE YOUNG MEN into these SATANIC games! The books, "rules", they say, are direct BLASPHEMY against our Holy Bible, and contain SATANIC RITES which persuade our children into SIN which is rewarded with DEATH and ETERNAL TORTURE in the FLAMES of HELL!

If you AGREE with me, you can write into my guestbook! But not if you are not a True Christian!!

VERY IMPORTENT NEW! Guide to True Christians with Correct Opinions is under development. The need for this Guide became so great, and so many people desperately hungered to read it, that it had to be opened!

Harri Potter corrupts our children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

CLARGIFICATION ABOUT TRUE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGA!!!! Still there is a very inportant thing about "Lesbianism" in holy matrimony! (it is perfectly ok when two or more women pleasure each other for the pleasure of THEIR HUSBAND in Holy Matrimony - that shouldn't even be CALLED lesbianism!) but we escpesially need to clarifice about True Christian Marriage! First of all: In the good old days, girls were married as young as 13 years old, and there were no problems. In USA, most states allow marrying at 16 years, a few still at 13 years. Check if you don't believe (a non-christian reader will never ever believe anything they read that can't first verify). Of course, the girls must always marry a fully grown man, with an education, steady income, own car, preferably an own house, etc. That's why the fiancé is rarely even younger than 21. The bride should be as young as allowed by the law, because then the bride is most likely to be pure. True Christians meticulously follow all the justful laws of their country, however, so in Finland, we can marry 17-year old girls - 13 year olds should only be married according to the laws, such as in certain US states have.

NEW! A concerned citizen asked in my guestbook how do we recognize witches. Well, usually we catch them while they are dancing naked around a fire in the middle of woods in the night. Those cases are rather obvious.
However, I'm often called by the parents to check if their child is a witch. In that case, the first thing is to search the child's room while she is at school. We look for pentagrams, magic wands, crystals, occult books, etc. (there's a long checklist, but I won't repeat it here - there's a slim change that children find this page, even as it's not in the sinful Internet, and might use the list to avoid detection). Of the occult books, so-called roleplaying books are a certain sign!
When parents are already concerned, it's rare that we find the child innocent. The child's diary often tells everything in detail. It's often interesting to search for the diary - the devil makes them to find clever hiding places. Under a floorboard, inside her stereos (yes - they screw its lid open and put the diary inside!), buried deep in her underwear, etc.
Witches dress in strange costumes when they (rarely) are not "sky-clad", that is, naked. Usually they perform their rituals naked, which is a dead giveaway, of course (only satan worshipping religions require nakedness).

NEW: Finnish sauna is a healthy place and makes one relaxed and clean. BUT, parents should be always aware that sometimes the Sauna is a place where wicca girls etc. participate in satan-worshipping orgies! (The image to the right shows a genuine swedish wicca sauna.) A case example: my fellow christians suspected their daughter is involved in wicca and asked for my help (for I am expert in witch hunting). I set up a secret web-cam into the sauna and got proof that indeed their 14-year old daughter was defiling herself in the sauna. They sent her into a christian boarding school and she'll be healed by Lord Jesus.

INTERESTING NEWS UPDATE: There is a simulation game, Christian Inquisitors Historical Simulation based on hystorical and mythological accuracy, realism, and detail. I originally used Fatal Games product called F.A.T.A.L.! This looks promising perhaps it will be a new Christian game which might lead children to Jesus! It is a game based completely on realism and history, not satan like the other games! Game even includs witches the players will hunt down and punish in the name of our Lord Jesus. Lately I've been teaching children in our Sunday school by running a historical simulation game where children play the 12 apostoles, Mary, Mary of Madgala, etc. It's very educational! They learn very much about the holy Bible and Jesus. Our NEW simulation game was about Christian inquisitors (of curse not catholic inquisitors since catholics are not truly Christians) hunting down witches and heretics (that term is not very good for this since it is catholic stuff) in medievil times. Children were thoroughly educated about how witches were caught, interrogated and prosecuted and punished in medievil times and that education can now be made use in our times as well!
If there is enough interest, I will later expand the web pages describing Christian Inquisitors Historical Simulation in precise detail, so that christian children around the world can be educated. My students were extremely interested in the game and they really liked to learn about medieval times and catching witches!

NEW NEW! Witches are again becoming more active here in Finland in these times when Armageddon is surely near. We should take action!

SHOCKING NEWS: In Netherlands, the country of satan, it is illegal to tell people about th satanic conspiracy. There, it is forbidden to speak against evil and sin. They also have forbidden words, which describe sinners. For example, if you say "lesbians are sinners", you will be convicted to prison in Netherlands! Fortunately, here in Finland, we have freedom of speech, and we can tell the truth. In the police state of Hollad, talking about christianty is illegal.

On the other ghand, another new game company "" is clearly evil!

WASHING MAHINES WITH TRANSPARTENT LID AROUSE SINFUL THOUGHTS! As lingerie rotates around the washing machine, if you watch it, it arouses sexual thoughts in your mind!

NEW: Waht's is this kibology religion? It must be satan worshiping itseems to be going on in net for years and years!

NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!! In Finland they have now allowed HOMO MARRIAGES because of the corrupting influence of this satanig game! A full article about this latest blasphemy is coming up soon.

At this site, SATANWORSHIPERS CONSPIRACY ATTACKS FREE SPEECH IN OUR LORD'S NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone must join and pray that they will be destroyed by Lord's wrath!!

NEW PROOF D&D GAMES IS SATANIC!!!!!!11!1!!!!! If you read D&D books ALOUD and listen to it BACKWARDS you hear horrible EVIL SATANIC MESSAGES!!! You must never listen to it if you are not extreamely STRONG in faith!

The satanworshipers of USA always appeal to their FIRST AMENDMEND, which means "freedom of speech". Well, here is news for you! That stupid "First Amendmend" is not valid here in Finland!!! I will report all satanworshippers to the authorities! They will be SENTENCED for BLASPEHMY here in Finland, and it means at least TWO YEARS IN PRISON! If you are not with as, you are AGAINST us!!!

* Internet - the ANTICHRIST!!!
* AD&D® - The Game of Satan
* Is Your Child a Role-Player?
* Is Your Child a Cultist?
* The Occult Books of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®
* What Happens to the Victims?
* Live Action Role Playing
* Ice Hockey, the Game of Satan
* Lesbianism in holy matrimony!
* MUDS, GAmes of SATAN!
* Witches
* Inferior races
* Other Things for Christian to Avoid
* Horrible facts!
* The Truth Can Be Found!

"Lesbianism" in holy matrimony!

LESBIANISM IS ALWAYS A GRAVE SIN AND SODOMY! Make no mistake about it! However, two or more women pleasuring each other FOR THE PLEASURE OF THEIR HUSBAND is NOT lesbianism at all, it is perfectly ok! This is proven in the Bible!

Lesbianism is always evil! However, the one and only exception where women can have pleasure of each other is in the presence and for the pleasure of their husband. It is pleasurable for men to watch two women having sex, so this is good for their marriage. On the other hand, there is nothing more revolting than two homo men.

Originally, it was perfectly ok for one man to have many wives, says the Bible. So it has always been natural for the wifes to enjoy each other when the man was away. Also, wifes had sex with each other for the pleasure of their husband. So, this "lesbianism" is perfectly fine for wifes of their own husband (although it is not really lesbianism at all). Of course, it is UNNATURAL to have two women living together. That is ALWAYS a deadly SIN! Only when a man has MANY WIFES, may women to women sex be practiced for the pleasure of the man.

Likewise, so-called sado-masochism is a horrible sin! But when a man disciplines his wives, there's nothing wrong if he gains pleasure when their nude bodies writhe under the lash and they moan in pain. That should not even be called sado-masochism. Discipline for man's wives should always be in the nude so that man can avoid causing any harm accidentally.
Internet - the ANTICHRIST!!!

This is more alarming that I first thought! INTERNET is used by SATAN WORSHIPPERS, BLASPHEMERS, HOMOSEXUALS and other PEDOPHILES!!! I should say that the Game of Satan is raging IN OUR LORD'S net!!!

DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT IS SAID IN INTERNET! They lie there! Only believe those that are true christians!!!
I've hear they offer child pornography in Internet! I tried to check if this was true, but had no success yet! INTERNET is the ANTI-CHRIST! Armageddon WILL come soon!

Pedophiles and other satan worshippers use Internet to distribute blasphemous stories and pictures! We must get a good, churistian censorship to Internet soon! Every newsgroup and e-mail must be inspected, and every case of illegal or blasphemous material must lead to prosecution!

"Not that I personally object, but I think I should warn you that your page is blasphemous contrary to the laws of England and that by leaving it on the Internet you leave yourself open to possible prosecution. Just thank the God you mock that no bible-basher has yet found your page. They prosecuted the people responsible for a gay satirisation of the crucifiction recently."

Catholics, those who drink blood and eat flesh, try to stop me! But the Truth MUST be told! I will never stop telling the Truth about Role-Playing Games and other things!!! Hear this: the Inquisition might be pumping homosexuality-poison gas into your home right now! Read a shocking story about it! Note, by the way, that this shocking report is not written by me and it doesn't tell about me.) Amen!

Catholism shall be destructed by the HOLY WRATH of LORD! Proverbs 13:3; He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction.

"PS: I have taken the liberty of reporting your site to GAMA (GAme Manufacturer's Association) who will see to it that hypocrites like you don't prevent role-players like myself can spend time with our friends and enjoy ourselves playing AD&D."

This GAMA must be an another catholic-satanic conspiracy organization! They'll try everything, but they can not hurt true believers! Recently they even moved their satanic site, but I found it! Neither can they not hide from the wrath of LORD!
AD&D® - The Game of Satan

Now T$R claims that their "2nd Edition" doesn't have demons and is not satanic! But that's a lie!!!

[Deleted to avoid possible copyright violations with T$R, Inc.] is a so-called "Roleplaying Game" by the new anti-christ, a company called T$R (Tactical $uicides Rules), Inc. This evil game has caused hundreds if not thousands of suicides in USA. Usually an older satan worshipper lures young girls (especially virgins!) and boys (typically 4 to 17 years old) to join an "exciting" roleplaying game session and vile, sodomitic sex acts! The Devil shall take their souls!

By the way: we should again start using the capital punishment on the most hardened criminals - like the satanists who practice human sacrifice, or civil servants who escape their duty in our respected Finnish Army! We, finnish men, here in White Finland will all enter military service! But, back to the Game of Satan®:

The "Dungeon Master", as the satan worshipper calls himself, creates a whole new world for the "players". This imaginary world is extremely violent. The player characters brutally slay thousands of "monsters" and other people, and get often killed themselves in this detailed, realistic ultra-violent combat game!!! Players need to study black magic, occultism, and true names of real demons. The players spend all their money on these "game books", drugs and weapons.

After a few "sessions", the players become addicted to the game and become obedient slaves of the satan-worshipping Dungeon Master and the hard drugs the DM is selling to them. In a few months, they can't tell what is real and what is game any more.
Is Your Child a Role-Player?

Children can be recruited from private or school "playing clubs", where innocent children are taught how to play role-playing games! Do You know what your children does after school?!?

To the right you see some of the OCCULT DICE that is used in role-playing game and in satanic mass and other rituals of occultism. If you see any of such dice in your children's possession, it is a SURE mark of the devil!

You should keep an eye on Your children at all times! The visible signs of an obsessive devotion to role-playing games, occultism and satanism are listed here. If three or more of these apply to your child, please intervene immediately!

NEW NEW! YOu can now recognize the SATANIC underculture your children is participating in - it will be easier to catch all her accomplices. NOTE that ANY of these symptoms is A DIRE WARNING regardless of into which type of satan worshipping it points to!
Symptom Roleplayer Witch/Wicca Goth¹ Heavy Music
Plays roleplaying games, LARP, computer games, video games, board games, card games, or any other non-christian games. Y N N Y
Loses interest in other, good hobbies such as: the Bible, prayer, church or sports. Y Y Y Y
Spends a lot of time with roleplaying games. Y N N Y
Draws cartoon-like pictures, which present violent mutilations, monsters and violent scenes. Y Y Y Y
Watches anime (japanese animation) and/or reads manga (japanese comics), dresses up as anime/manga character, draws anime/manga type pictures. Y N Y N
Draws occult symbols: pentagram, number 666, triangle, swastika etc. Y Y Y Y
Has nightmares. Y Y Y Y
Has insomnia. Y Y Y Y
Changes diet. Y Y Y Y
Writes poems about death and dying. Y Y Y Y
Writes about dark themes and supernatural events. Y Y Y Y
Talks about many gods. Y Y Y Y
Believes to own supernatural powers. Y Y Y Y
Speaks in riddles. Y Y Y Y
Speaks against Holy Bible. Y Y Y Y
Refuses to go to church. Y Y Y Y
Grades deteoriate. Y Y Y Y
Collects luck charms, animal bones, weapons, dolls etc. Y Y Y Y
Wears odd jewelry (ALL jewelry is actually forbidden in the Bible). The most dangerous jewelry include: ankhs (egyptian pagan cross), pentacles, pentagrams, reversed crosses, and various other Satanic worshipping symbols. Y Y Y Y
Is interested in magic, herbs and other occultism. Y Y Y Y
Threatens to kill other people, especially parents. Y Y N Y
Talks about suicide or death. Is interested in everything about death, vampires, etc. Y Y Y Y
Neglects personal hygiene. Y Y Y Y
Hears voices. Y Y Y Y
Obsessive interest in weapons, especially firearms. Y N Y Y
Obsessive interest in half-militant "Ramboism" and interest in war and violence. Y N Y Y
Makes pact with the Devil, or, in some cases, suicide contracts. Y Y Y Y
Cuts his/her hands. This is used for blood sacrifices. Y Y Y Y
Has or talks/dreams about tattoos and "piercing" jewelry. Y Y Y Y
Starts believing in "evolution" instead of the one true scientific creationism. Y N N Y
Talks about "green values" and joins "nature preservation" occult groups. Y Y N N
Stops eating meat and turns into veganism (pagan religion). Y Y Y N
Wears black clothing. Y Y Y Y
Claims to be a "goth" Y Y Y Y
Listens to "rock" or other questionable music (jazz, "heavy rock", "gothic" etc.), wears band and/or rock shirts, has band posters in her/his room. Y N Y Y
Makes Satanic symbols and/or violently shakes head to music. Y N Y Y
Dances to music in a provocative or sexual manner. Y Y Y Y
Girl wears excessive black eye makeup, lipstick, or nailpolish. (ANY makeup is actually forbidden by the Bible.) Y Y Y Y
Drinks alcohol and/or takes drugs. Y Y Y Y
Associates with other people that dress, act or speak eccentrically. Y Y Y Y
Complains of boredom (especially in church). Y Y Y Y
Sleeps too excessively or too little. Y Y Y Y
Is excessively awake during the night. Y Y Y Y
Dislikes sunlight or any other form of light. (This pertains to vampires promoting the idea that His light is of no use.) Y Y Y Y
Demands privacy and/or spends or wants to spend large amounts of time alone and quiet. (This is often so that your child may speak to evil sprits through meditation.) Y Y Y Y
Insists on spending time with friends while unaccompanied by an adult. Y Y Y Y
Disregards authority figures; teachers, the police, priests, nuns and elders are but a few examples of this. Y Y Y Y
Misbehaves at home Y Y Y Y
Eats excessively or too little, and/or eats lots of candy. Y Y Y Y
Drinks blood or expresses an interest in drinking blood. (Vampires believe this is how to attain Satan. This act is very dangerous and should be stopped immediately.) Y Y Y Y
Watches cable television or any other corrupted media sources. (Ask your local church for proper programs that your child may watch.) Y N Y Y
Is interested/talks about/practices homosexuality and/or lesbianism. Y Y Y Y
Expresses an interest in sex. Y Y Y Y
Uses the internet and/or frequently makes time for the computer. Y N Y N
Is interested in pagan and cult religions, such as wicca, hinduism, buddhism, philosophy, hare krishna. Y Y Y Y

¹Goths, or gothic is a very obscure and often dangerous culture that young teenagers are prone to participating in. The gothic culture leads young, susceptible minds into an imagined world of evil, darkness, and violence.
Gothic "culture" is a satanic cult, originating from so-called "punk rock", which includes such "charming" names as "Christian Death", "Gun Club", "Sisters of Mercy", and "Mephisto Waltz". They say things like: "metallic style draws heavily on Gothic influences of black magic, fetishism, and depression".
The perpetrators of the student and staff murders at Columbine high school in Littleton CO in 1999 followed a morose "culture" of Gothic fantasy. They were basically outcasts, Gothic people. They were into anarchy and into Nostradamus stuff and other occultism. Black trench coats are a consistent theme in the Gothic subculture that has attracted many teenagers to the poetry, music and costumes of a scene that ranges from living in a fantasy world to violent reality. Inspired by fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Gothic has become a fascination of many American high schoolers, some of whom simply dress and paint their fingernails black (which is no less evil than any other occult practices!) while others immerse themselves in a pseudo medieval world of dark images. Hitler's birthday is an occasion for demonstrations, mock funerals and other macabre commemorations among both neo-Nazis and the Gothic scene.
Is Your Child a Cultist?

The conspiracy of international satan worshippers uses role-playing games to recruit children into cults, in which they brainwash the children, make them drug addicts, and use in child pornography and sado-masochist movies. In many cases, the children are actually tortured to death and eaten by the satan worshippers, and this horrible ritual is filmed and sold to perverts!
How to recognize a cult?

1. Every cult has a powerful dictator, who is often a "messiah".
2. Cults force their members to give away their freedom to choose.
3. Cults strive to separate the members from their families.
4. Cults often claim they can do "miracles" and turn down the Bible and the true christianity.
5. Cults oppose the True christianity and campaign against it.
6. Cults claim they have the only true religion, which is a clear lie, of course, because True christians who believe in Jesus are right!
7. Cults forbid individuality and attempt to achieve uniformity. All their members must have an absolute belief and behaviour.

The Occult Books of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®

Let me tell You about the awful things you can find in the rulebooks of this satanic game. You shouldn't ever read them yourself unless You are very firm and strong in faith! If You see these books in the room of your children, burn them immediately! You must also talk to your child and punish her sufficiently (Proverbs 13:24; He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him bedtimes) so that he or she understands that this game is really evil! You must also talk to the parents of the friends of Your child, their children might be in danger too. One of the "friends" might be the "Dungeon Master" and a satan worshipper! Be careful, read the bible and pray a lot!
"Players Handbook"

This is found in the Occult "Players Handbook" (6th printing, 1980):

* page 28, "Assassin" character class, the player learns to be a professional ritual murderer!!!
* page 33, "alignment", an occult, heretic, satanic philosophy of "good" vs. "evil" and "law" vs. "chaos". There are much more occultism elsewhere in the book.
* page 50, "Raise Dead" spell. The player learns a magical spell which he thinks will bring the dead back to alive! But we know only Jesus Christ can do that, not an occult satanist! Also there is an "Animate Dead" spell, which is used to make living dead monsters: "zombies"! This satanistic ritual requires drumming and human blood!
* page 64, here begins the list of "magic-user's" - a satanic cultist - magical spells which they claim to be actually working!
* page 86, "Spiritwrack", a ritual which, they say, makes a summoned demon to obey the cultist!
* page 86, "Cacodemon", the WORST ritual in the whole book, which is used to summon real demons! There is everything You need to know, how to make a pentagram (a satanistic symbol which "holds the demon") and the neccessary human sacrifices. There is a list of other required things, for example black candles, mandrake root, a piece of parchment which must contain the demon's true name etc. Number 666 is mentioned. Awful! May the God have mercy on their souls or they'll burn in Hell for Eternity! Amen!
* page 120 has the description of the "planes of existence", including "Nine Hells" and "Gehenna", "Hades", "Tarterus" and "Abyss" which has "666 levels"! From these "planes" are the demons summoned in the game!

"Monster Manual"

Monster Manual (4th printing, 1979):

* pages 16 to 20: Descriptions of 12 different demons, including their true names (like "Demogorgon", "Orcus", "Juiblex" etc.) The cultists may "control" the demons by using these "true names"!
* pages 20 to 23: the "Devils". There are names again, including "Asmodeus", "Baalzebul", "Dispater" and "Geryon".
* The book contains many other horrible demons and living dead beings, which the players try to summon!
* In their "2nd Edition" they have "removed" the demons, or so they say, but just their names have changed (to "Baatezu" and "Tanar'ri"). They are still the same demons, except even more powerful!!!

"Dungeon Master's Guide"

Dungeon Master's Guide (2nd printing, 1979):

* page 42 has the pictures of "magic circle", "pentagram" and "thaumaturgist triangle" for use by "demonologists", the satanic cultists.
* page 116 contains the recipes for magical "potions", poisonous drinks which the players must ingest in the rituals!

"Monster Manual II"

Monster Manual II (1st printing, 1983):

* This is perhaps the worst book of them all!
* page 27: "All daemons have personal names by which they may be summoned or controlled..."
* page 27: "A pentagram will protect the summoner from daemonkind."; this is a LIE, only LORD can protect us!!!
* page 28: "given a strong, evil leader and a sufficient reward, they may enter into alliance..."; this again hints to use ritual human sacrifice!
* page 31: "...will not see the ultrodaemon but someone loved or respected."; this horrible book will make the players mad and they will start thinking their parents and close christian friends as demons who must be killed!!!
* page 35: most horrible page, as it lists 45 true names of real demons which the players must "summon" and bribe with real human sacrifice! May the LORD help those who use this book of satan!!!
* page 44: another list of 61 demon names, and the rest of the pages describe the most powerful of them!!!
* In other pages, this book "Monster Manual II", describes unspeakable horrors on almost every page! More sensitive people could become insane just by reading it!

"Deities & Demigods"

"Deities & Demigods", 1980: Recently I noticed this book in a local second-hand book shop. Since it cost only 60 FIM (about $12 or so), I decided to buy it. I must say that this book is even WORSE than the other ones. It tells the players "how to become a god"! REALLY! Also it promotes several pagan, satanic, and cult religions!

* Page 11: "Divice Ascension": "As study of the various mythologies will show, it is remotely possible for mortals to ascend into the ranks of the divine". I could not BELIEVE this! They are selling these BLASPHEMOUS boks to CHILDREN!!! This book claims people could become gods!
* Page 11: "...the personage must have a body of sincere worshippers, people convinced of his or her divinity due to their witnessing of and/or belief in the mighty deeds and miracles which he or she has performed (and continues to perform). These must be genuine worshippers..." That is enough of that. This book is the guide to the "Dungeon Masters", how to attract "worshippers" into their satanic cult!!!
* The next 116 pages tell about "Mythoses", groups of pagan deities. They include horrible demons and dark entities of the most horrible kind, such as "Cthulhu mythos" and its awful demons. The book also suggests people to worship old Norse and Finnish gods, among the others.
* Pages 128-134 tell more about the esoteric "planes of existence". The book claims to show the routes to heaven, hell, but also to many other places! People weaker in faith could easily start to believe this insanity!
* To prevent this kind of flith from spreading, I BURNED the book the same evening!

What Happens to the Victims?

The players of this EVIL SATANIC game become satan worshippers and cultists who practice black magic, ritual sacrifice, homosexuality, bisexuality, transvetitism, voyeurism, semitism, communism, necrophilia, sadism, masochism, domination, marxism, darwinism, child pornography (using internet and anonymous servers), flag burning, fetishism, atheism, agnosticism, buddhism, catholicism, feminism, hare grishna, islam, báhá-í, humanism, babtitsism, calvinism, communism, democracy, mormonism, heresy, orthodoxism, shintoism, other pagan religions, oral sex, bestiality, sex, herbalism, scientology, homeopathy, coprophilia, voyeurism, demonology, necromancy, jewishness, bondage, spiritism, fascism, anal sex, neo-nazism, ritual cannibalism, scatology, occultism, pagan religions, sorcery, sin, arson (especially churches), satanism, witchcraft, shamanism, incest, adultery and sodomy, feminism, also they drink human blood, listen to heavy metal and rock music, promote evolution theory instead of creationism, use hard drugs and try to summon real demons.

They start to demonstrate for "freedom of speech and thought". They do not believe that the Holy Bible is the absolute truth and they criticize the Only True Christian religion. They do not pray the true God. They do not fulfill their duty to the Fatherland, instead they go into non-military service (here in Finland, they tolerate these traitors for some reason and allow this)! They read violent pornographic comic books (such as Moomin®, Donald Duck®, Far Side®, Calvin & Hobbes®) and science fiction and fantasy stories (such as the Stars My Destination, the Lathe of Heaven, Rendezvous with Rama, the Neuromancer, the Lord of the Rings®, the Hobbit®, Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz, the Neverending Story®, the Foundation Trilogy). They watch violent porno movies such as "a Clockwork Orange", "Akira", "the Legend", "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", "the Lion King", "the Moomins and the Comet", "My Neighbor Totoro", etc. They live in an imaginary world. All of these victims eventually commit suicide or live rest of their lives in a mental hospital. Satan has taken their soul and they will burn in HELL for eternity!

Some satan worshippers are trying to defend this EVIL game, but only Jesus Christ can save the poor players!!!
Live Action Role Playing

Recently, I heard about a new terrible CONSPIRACY to corrupt all teenagers of the civilized world!!!

This occult cult, lead by international satanworshipping drug-lords, is called "LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING". Heed if you hear youth talking about this! I tell you, this is not somne innocent leisure activity! Youth should NEVER be involved even in the most innocent and remotedly occult activity. Their time must hbe spent in study, work, and rest, and their leisure time with decent, christian sports, bible reading and in church!

Young, innocent teens are lured into an exciting "game", in which they "pretend" to be vampires and other demonic entities. But in this kind of "game", the teenagers actually dress up like vampires and TRY TO BECOME REAL VAMPIRES!!! In this way, the older satan worshippers easily lure young virgin girls (from 13 to 16 years old when they are at their best marrying age and most willing to lose their virginity!) into sexual orgies, real blood-drinking, human sacrifice and finally into satan worshipping cults!!!

Also it is easy for the homosexuality-promoting catholic church of Rome to spread homosexuall-poisons with the drugs and alcoholic drinks that are always served in these "LARP" sessions as they fcall them!

The "live action" teenagers are also lured into revolutionary (cpommunist etc.) groups. They intend to overthrow the civilized, christian governments of the Westeren World!

Live action roleplayinggames are aimed directly at our true religion! The international satanist conspirators are going to convert our youth into the service of Antichrist! Truly, I now believe the END OF THE WORLD is near us, as Antichrist gainbs more and more and more and more and more power!!!!!!!


Did you know that the Inquisition of those BLOOD-DRINKING ROMAN CATHOLIC church is still active!?!??

Yes it is! I've finished translating a shocking report written by a poor finnish victoim (not me, thank God) of the Inquisition! Watch out for the gay-poison gas they pump into people's homes!!! Read the report, andd if you got similar symptoms, you know what is going on! Follow the instructions this victim gives, and you can help yourself.
Ice Hockey, the Game of Satan

A horrible game, which should not be called a sport, ice hockey, caused the PARALYSATION of two players here in Finland! Even if this "sport" shoyuld be forbidden only because of this, there are more reasons!

NEW PROVE: Here in Finland it is clearly PROVEN that ice hocky is extremely violent game! Oneplayer was caught of using drugs (cannabis). They started to treat him for caanabis addiction. The hockeuy assosciation decided that he should not be allowed to play because cannabis addicts are prone to violent frenzy during treatment (this has been scientifically proven, by the way, and it clearly shows that cannabis is very dangeroys drug, a cancer to our society)! Any way, this shows that hockey is very dangerous because players are supposed to act violently, and frenzied drug addict could rage in the rink and judges would not notice anything!!!

Every evening, a horde of young men swarm into the stand. These men should be reading the Holy Bible or practice some good hobbies during the evenings! Often these men have drank some alcoholic drink before they left home. Constantly they smoke tobacco, and they swear and curse and blaspheme while waiting for the insane game to begin.

Then they sit down to the stand, and dear God, what kind of rage begins! First they take forth the "juice", which has been strengthened by alcohol. The game begins, and the audience starts the constant noise, shouting, and horrible swearing, cursing, and jeering, and supring of violence!! If a slightest mistake is made by a player or judge, it will be followed by an obnoxious gust of lewd swearwords and indecencies. The youth inspire each other to savage fervor, which causes both physical and mental problems later.

And God forbid, if a fight breaks out in the rink, that is the climax of the evening, and a terrible lust of blood follows! Everyone is hoping, that a player would be terribly hurt or even KILLED in the rink, or at least pints of blood would pour upon the shining white ice.

But this lewd bacchanal does not end with the game, NO! The youth go out into the streets, and look for the fans of the opposing teams for a fight. If they don't find a target for violence, they will then go into a pub to drink alcohol. They look for immoral young women to practice the deadly sin of fornication! The consequense is very often a vile (veneral) disease, which is a shame to their whole family, and for the girls it means often a bastard child which ruins their whole life.

After the pub, the gang often continues their bacchanal in the private home of one of their parents. Often this home is completely defiled and broken by the drunk boys. Frequently the boys engage in HOMOSEXUAL ACTS in these drinking nights!!!

That kind of misery and corruption causes this satanic game, which should be forbidden by the law as soon as possible!!!

Recemntly I learned about so called "MUDS" and "MUSHES" in Internet. They are called by telnet prohgram. I visited a few of them, and found out that they are RAN BY SATAN WORSHIPERS! The idea of these "games" is to KILL all other players and worship pagan gods! Also I heard that now there are "MUCKs" which are guised as Christian games but actually are blasphemy of the worst sort!

WARNING!! Do not EVER click on thses adreses, unless yoou are STRONG in faith! These "games" are utterly evil! First I tried Zombe mud which is obivously VOODO worship which is a pagan religion of the WORST sort! Then I went to BAT mud which seems to be about SERIAL KILLERS!!!

How CAN these kinds of satanic games be allowed!?! I mailed their internet service procivers about these ILLEGAL games and told them to stop THEM at once! Yes, ILLEGAL, in Finland there still is the "Jumalan pilkka laki" (Blashphemy Law) which should forbid such games!!! I hecked only finish games so far, but I do not NEED to check any other because there is enough evidense!

SUCCESS!!! They closed down the satanic Zomibe MUD! Let us PRAY that the other games will be closed down really soon too! Now they OPENED that satanic mud again, but there now is an anonymous tip phone of Finland's Central Criminal Investigation Department, and blashphemy is forbidden by our law, so I now can DO something about theses satanic muds!!!

Especially this one called SICK MUD is HORRIBLE! DO NOT GO INTO IT even when the adress is there, that mud promotes not only PAGAN GOD worship but PREMARITAL SEX!!!

In recent times, there has been more and more witches in Finland and all other countries. We have formed witch patrols which search the woods at nighttime, finding underaged witches dancing naked around fires. We take them to the police and call their parents. Many teenage girls have been saved, but there is still lots of work to do!

The interrogation methods are not yet legal here in Finland. However, it's good to know that Israel and USA both again allow torture, so that we should also begin planning the methods we will use when it is allowed here too. NOTE: This is pure speculation, torture is strictly illegal, and only the proper authorities will use it any way!

Tying girls right hand and foot together and hoisting her up by her left wrist (using soft, wide straps and a modern winch) and putting the extremity of her left foot to a blunt point on the floor does not even break the skin but causes extreme pain! The girl shown in the picture always swooned away by the pain before her 45 minutes were up. This is an elegant, simple, and safe method. Perhaps, when it is some day legal, we might be able to make use of gentle methods like this.
Inferior Races

It has been scientifically proven that the northern european white race is the smartest race on Earth. We can clearly see that from the accomplishments made by our race; all important technological inventions have originated from us!

We should not mix blood with asian, african, indian, australian and pacific races, which did not originate in Atlantis.

Everyone knows that northern european white race originated in Atlantis. Before its downfall, our superior race sailed forth (leaving the sinners to sink down with the continent) and founded the civilizations of Ancient Greek and Rome.

Of course, all non-white, non-european races can be excellent True Christians and go to Heaven just like anyone else. We just should be aware of our superior heritage and nurture it.
Other Things for Christian to Avoid

BUT, not only AD&D®, the Game of Satan itself, is of satan! There are other things that every True Christian® MUST fight against, at all costs! Hallelujah!

* 1st, many sites in OUR LORD'S NET which spread DISINFORMATION! Those are all made for the occult satanists!!! Don't read those pages unless you are REALLY strong in the faith! Those pages might turn YOU into satan worshipper! Only read CHRISTIAN PAGES!! Esperanto is the cult language of international satan worshippers! AVOID THIS HORRIBLE LANGUAGE AND THOSE WHO SPEAK IT, AT ALL COSTS!
* Game manufacturers association is a catholic and satanic conspiracy! I suspect it is actually "gay manufacturers", one of the organizations which pump gay-poison gas to peoples' homes!
* Abortion is MRUDER!
* There is a new, dangerous game called ADOM that is spreading among our teenagers!!! They claim ADOM is "Ancient Demons of Mystery"! However name ADOM is very suspicious because it sounds a lot like SODOM! They even have an illegal discussion group in the net called! Avoid it at all costs! I've reported this illegal news group to all authorities!!! I haven't checked this game but it is one of the notorious "computer role-playing games"! Parents: watch what your children do with their computers! This game is free so there must be some sinister motives behind it!!!
* Alien - a satanic Sci-Fi movie about the Devil himself!!!
* "Babylon 5" - it's some new satanic TV series, telling about a New Babylon in space!!! Ive not seen it but it obviously promotes homosexualism and other perversions!!! And it lies about aliens, who arenot creatures from other planets because God only created Earth and humans,and we are the center of the universum! NEVER let your children watch this satanic "science fiction" TV program!!!
* Barney the Dinosaur (TV cartoon). Eveyone knows that dinosaurs as "prehistoric" creatures are a lie of the occult satanists, who DARE to question creationism!!! This "dinosaur" character is used to brainwash innocent children! It even uses occult "magic"! (Dinosaurs were created along all other life, but they degenerated quicker than other animals and became extint.)
* Baths are very sinful! You must watch your children while they are bathing, as too much scrubbing with the rag 'down there' might lead to sexual thoughts or masterbation. Actually, the kids nor you shouldn't be bathing too at all since the body is a tool of the Devil and bathing focuses attention on the body!
* Beatless - the members of this popular band have long hair - but still they are MEN (or I'm not actually sure though...)! Anyway, may the LORD have mercy on them!
* Beaver and Butt-head (cartoon)
* Bikinis! "Swimming clothes" which arouse sinful sexual thoughts!!! LARD didn't mean us to wear clothes!
* Call of Cthuul (a very evil, satanic role-playing game)
* Carebears (cartoon)
* Another SATAN-WORSHIPPERS CONSPIRACY is threathing our LORD's net!!! They dare to call it "Christian Role Playing Gamers Association"! THAT IS A PURE LIE!! "Gamers" are NEVER true Christians
* Conservationists try to "protect nature" from man, but man is the lord of the nature, as God is the LORD! Man rules the nature!
* Contraceptives
* Dancing is of satan! Young, innocent people spend hours in filthy, unhealthy air full of tobacco and marjuhana smoke and rub their bodies together, which arouses sexual thoughts! Watch Your children!
* "Darkwing Duck" (very violent cartoon) and other new Disney cartoons
* Dinosaurs. Every true christian knows that earth was created about 6000 years ago! This is told in the Holy Bible which, as we know, is the Word of God because it is told in it! So dinosaurs were created at that time as well. Bible says, two of all unclean animals were on the ark, so, the remaning (not yet extint) dinosaurs were on the ark. They degenerated faster than other animals and died later.
* Elvis (certain so-called "rock and roll" singer, which is negro music, that is sexual pagan ritual music!!!)
* "Evolution" theory (heretic "scientific" theory - but, don't worry, since it is only a theory which isn't proven. The truth can be read from the Holy Bible! Hallelujah!) I've also found this site which has a lot of evidence against evolution.
* Fags! GOD HATES FAGS! says the web site "".
* "Fairy tales" (you must only read biblical tales to your children!)
* Fantasy - the worst of the satanist and occult literature! Burn those books and videos, like their authors will burn in hell for eternity!!!
* Feminism! Woman's place is at home, and the Bible says woman shall serve her husband!!!!! If women would stay home, there would be no unemployment!
* Flag of USA! Yes, flag of USA! Did you know it contains fifty satanic symbols called pentagrams!!! Satan worshippers are govern the United States of America, which claims to be "One Nation Under God"! Blasphemy!!!
* The Forbidden Fruits the SATAN worshippers are offering in the NEW ANTI-CHRIST, INTERNET!!!
* Foreigners (especiall those of black skin!)
* Freemasons
* Halloween; this is a pagan festival, and true christians must never celebrate it!!!
* Heavy metal music, as it is called, corrupts kids! They listen the records backwards and will hear satan worshippers' secret messages! They say that the worst current satan worshipp promoting band is called "Metalica"!!!
* Homosexual and lesbian perverts. Would you like to have them near your children? I've seen them prowling in swimming halls! But with Tru Christian faith and prayers a homosexual can be cured!
* Horror - horrible, satanic books and videos! Burn them!!!
* So-called "HTML" codeing is satanic! As it is a conspiracy of New World Order, the secret plan of United Nations to take over US and the whole world!!! The code contains many loopholes and security bugs, new World Order will be able to break into every computer through this system they are marketiong!!!
* Jeans!
* Jewelry!
* Left-handed people; if your child is left-handed, you must teach her/him to use right hand as Jesus told us to do! Because right is Right, and left (commies and homos) are wrong!!!
* "Lord of the Rings" and other books by J.R.Tolkein
* Magick: The Gathering is an occult card game! The addicts spend all their money on cards and start living in sin and go mad! They often committ suicide! There is more proof in this paper: Beware of Magic: the Gathering. However, the writer of that paper is clearly not a true christian! He has no idea how really dangerous these card and role- playing games actually are!!!
* Make-up. Never allow your children to use it!!! It could arouse sinful sexual thoughts!
* Marvel Comics
* Masturbation, or onanism, as christians should call it, is a sin! If you notice your children defiling themselves, punish them and make them talk to your local priest! You might need to tie their hands to the sides of the bed during night, or be even more strict, as says the Holy Bible: Mt.5:30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
Proverbs 23:13; Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. 23:14; Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.
* McDonalds (junk food shop) and "Ronald McDonald", their occult "clown" character, who is clearly Lucifer in a symbolic disguise!!!
* Microsoft is of satan, and is the Anti-Christ itself!!!! Did you know that adding the numeric values of the letters of "William Henry Gates" equals 666, the number of the Beast!
Re.13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
* Middle-Earth: The Witchs is another occult card game! Thous shalt not let witch live!
* Monopoly (a board game) is a game produced by SIONIST CONSPIRACY! It is about usury which is CLEARLY forbidden in the Holy Bibl! Someone in USA have committed suicide when they lost in this satanic game!
* "My Little Pony" toys!
* the so-called "New Age" and other pagans!
* Martial Arts, they teach violence and pagan religions!
* Music Television "MTV"!
* Musta Makkara! Black sausage - a traditional food they sell here in Finland. Even the name hints at satan worshipping, but the worst thing is that one of the ingredients of this sausage is BLOOD! It is forbiden for a good christian to eat blood!!!!!!! It is punishable byt death says Bible!! Amen!
* Non-military servants (in Finland, the satanists can AVOID their military service this way!)
* Braiding one's hair (also, jewelry): 1 Peter 3:3; Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel
* Power Rangers (toys and an ultraviolent cartoon)
* Premarital sex
* "Rap" music - occult anarchist music! Very evil!
* rock and roll (awful music that publizices sex, violence, drugs and satan worshipping - listen to the records backwards and you'll hear secret satanist messages in all of themn!)
* Science Fiction is of satan - only God knows what will happen in the future, no man shall predict the future!!!
* The "She-Man and the Masters of the Universe", an ultraviolent chauvinist occult cartoon about sword-wielding warriors!!!
* Miniatures - images of false gods, which are painted and worshipped by satanist roleplayers!
* Mormonism - the EVIL cult of adultery and child-abuse!
* Sex. It is much better to be morbid and lonely than to partake of the forbidden fruit. Remeber what we learned from our serpent friend!
* Showers. You should always watch your children while showering, so that they do not see the "unnamed parts" and never touch there. It is safer to take showers in some sort of garment.
* Smurfs (cartoon)
* So-called "U.F.O."'s - the "humanoids" do exist, but they are fallen angels from hell! They can possess you! The best defence against these evils is to kneel and pray!
* Spellfire: The Master of Magick, yet another occult card game from the Great Anti-Christ T$R!!! The victims of this game study black magic, as the name implies!
* Star Trek (movies, toys, cartoons, everything by satan!)
* Star Wars (movies, toys, cartoons, everything by satan!) There are more people in out christian net who know that Star Wars is EVIL! But watch out if you read the things at that site, I fear it might have been made by some satanist!
* Steve Jackson Games, a SATANIC company responsible for OCCULT MASS-MURDERS in Italy and Finland!
* Swedish and canadian people and other homosexuals and lesbians!!!
Ro.1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
Ro.1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
* Television, except some Televangelists' are good and true in faith!
* I read this recently from Deja News group: "Some Satanists play tennis, and some tennis players have committed suicide." This PROVES the thing I've been suspecting a long time: tennis is one of the satinic sports!!! The female players wear so little miniskirts, that their panties show, which causes sinful thoughts in the audience!
* Thou shalt not eat blood!
* Ursula Le Guan - another "Fantasy/Sci-Fi" writer.
* Vampire: The Massacre is an evil occult game from White Wolf Inc, where the players try to become vampires! It encourages people to drink blood! This is a sacrilege towards blood of Jesus Christ our saviour!!!
* Vegetarians practice a pagan religion! Man is the lord of the nature and other animals, as God is the LORD, and man can - and should - raise cattle!
* Washing machines with transparent lid. Seeing underwear in the machine might arouse sinful thoughts!
Mt.5:29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
* WOMEN IN GAMING!!!! This BLASHPOEMOUS site TEMPTS INNOCENT WOMEN INTO GAYMING AND LESBIAN SODOMY! Women are weaker than men, and MUST not be tempted, because they EASILY succumb into PERVERSION!!!! This is also LESBIAN site! We NORMAL PEOPLE must FIGHT LESBIANISM and HOMOSEXUALISMITY!!!! NOTE: lesbianism is BLESSED if practiced for the pleasure of the man by his wifes in holy matrimony. In any other form it is DEADLY SIN! HOT NEWS: THAT SITE OF BABYLON WOMEN HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN BY THE MIGHT OF LORD JESUS! GOOD TRIUMPHS AGAIN OVER EVIL!
* Wraith: The Oblivion, another game from White Wolf Inc. deals with the souls of the dead and is VERY sacrilegious!
* X-Files (TV series)
* Zoids (a computer game, satanic demon toys)

Stay alert, read the Bible! Pray and attend to service and the Holy Communion regularily!
Horrible facts!


A satan worshipping bloody heretic criminal drug selling pedophile ROLEPLAYER e-mailed me a HORRIBLE piece of information: "Teachers use roleplaying in many forms to educate students."

My GOd, satan worshipping is taught at our LORD's schools!!!! This horrible blasphemy MUST be stoipped! I'm contactin all the authorities!


"everyone who Role-plays is sold to Satan"!!!

A role player said that in a comment he sent to me!!!

BEWARE! There are conspiracy everywhere!!

"A bakery is good cover for drug smuggling. Jsut bake the packages of drugs into the cakes."

"I believed that I was able to cast spells in the real world."

Thus said a sad ex-satanworshiper in a comment! This is AGAIN MORE PROOF!
The Truth Can Be Found!

A lot of people concerned in these matters have mailed me and posted on the news. You should read their comments!

Here are some organizations in the U.S. which have more information about these matters:

* Bible Sex Facts
* Cult Awareness Network
* Demon Possession Handbook
* Parents' Music Resource Center
* Planned Parenthood®
* Probe Ministries claim to present "balanced, reasoned, biblically-based information". Often they do, but they are clearly affected by satan at some points and are not always firm in one true christian faith! Read their documents with caution!
* Landover Baptist Church has a many interesting articles however they are babptists which is WRONG religion, so you must be CAUTIOUS when reading them
* National Coalition on Television Violence
* Advisory Board on Ritualistic Crime for the American Federation of Police
* Advisory Board on the Cult Crime Impact Network

This is not a joke!
This is not a joke!
This is not a joke!
This is not a joke!
This is not a joke!
This is not a joke!

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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 6:17 am » by NamelessGhoul

:bullshit: :bullshit: :bullshit:

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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 6:36 am » by Iwanci

Wow Ottoman, I was going to read this novel you wrote but stopped when I saw the word ‘satan’ crop up, pretty much the first word in the first sentence.

I did manage to scroll through some of what you wrote and couldn’t help notice you make mention of a game where nude women dance on poles? Just wondering where one can get one of these games? (for purely scientific research purposes only).

You also mention something to do with getting aroused watching a washing machine with a transparent lid spinning clothes around???

What the hell have you been smoking?!!!!!

Seriously, the sordid realities of mankind cannot be blamed on mythical creatures, satan, as per god, good as per evil, these concepts exist in our realities only. Mankind just ‘is’. Take a look at the animal kingdom at some point, there is no god or satan in that world, there is rape, torture, maiming, seduction, prostitution, bribery, compassion, caring, love, as a matter of fact just about anything mankind does, good or evil, is mimicked in the animal kingdom to varying degrees. It then should come as no shock that man is an animal and lives in the bounds of an animal kingdom. We just happen to be conscious beings capable or greater goodness and greater evils than our counterparts.
I do not condone evil acts nor that they should be tolerated, I am just stating that they do exist and that you deal with it as it crops up, you cannot however blame it on pure imaginary caricatures such as ‘satan’, just as you must account the goodness that man does to mankind and not to a magical being called a ‘god’. Man is accountable in my opinion for the good and for the bad.

People praise ‘god’ or worship ‘satan’ because they are able to get an immediate audience. If you lived alone on an island from birth, would you have any concept of god or satan? No you would have no idea of what is good or evil either, you would simply exist the best way you could. Games as with movies as with religion as with business in general are all about making money, one such way is to connect with people, using the standard good vs evil tactics is one sure way to build a business, you polarize people and then you manipulate them to make money.

Sorry but no sinister motive here other than $$$$ money making and power plays.
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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 6:55 am » by Liveecarbme

To quote the Satanic film "Heathers", clearly a film alluding to the Illuminati, not to mention the seduction of teens into sex, homosexual sex and popularity contests in high school...
"I blame these MTV video games."

...seriously-NIN, Quake, Doom(1,2 &3), Duke've fallen for the biggest load of horseshit ever...Religion! Mind control for the feeble minded.

Shut yourself away, don't watch TV, don't listen to music(ANY music), don't read, don't imagine, don't's safer to just wait in your bunker for the world to end.
Oh, BTW-Christian Rock is an oxymoron-if you believe in that shit.
ps-God HATES you!

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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 6:58 am » by Liveecarbme

Problem is he's not smoking...listening to Christian talk radio all night-douche.

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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 7:03 am » by Aragajag

Everytime you masturbate god kills a little kitten, hope your proud of yourself.
Pablo Neruda:
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I don’t want to speak for a long time,
Silence! I want to learn,
I want to know if I exist.

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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 7:22 am » by Liveecarbme

...awww, kittens=food! YUMMY!

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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 7:46 am » by Nytemere

I'ma pull an otoman.

And say...

tl;dr. You should get out more. .. I'm missin someth- Oh, DUMBASS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. WATCHING GAY PORN?

I'm done.
“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.” -Employing Dante's words, Martin Luther King, Jr.

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PostWed Oct 27, 2010 7:56 am » by Liveecarbme

Oh yeah:

...wait, why am I wasting my time?


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