Germany Ends Its Military Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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September 30, 2012 • From
The Bundeswehr’s peacekeeping mission is over in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but don’t forget Germany started the Balkan wars to begin with. Here’s a reminder of how Germany acquired its first colonies.

Germany has tactic behind its involvement with Bosnia-Herzegovina, they have reason behind leaving it as well.
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The last three German soldiers headed home from Bosnia-Herzegovina, ending the German Army’s longest military mission beyond its borders, on September 26. Since 1996, 60,000 German soldiers, 18 of which lost their lives, have served in the war-torn Balkan country.,,16269798,00.html

The German Army first deployed there 17 years ago as part of the nato led Implementation Force. nato was charged to keep the peace after a 3½-year civil conflict erupted in 1992, when the former Yugoslavia broke up killing 100,000.

Beginning in 2002, the European Union began to take over the peacekeeping missions, and Germany extended the deployment of up to 800 of its soldiers.

That was a key moment in history and Bible prophecy. (Request our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire to find out why in more detail.) When the EU took over, it took de facto control of Bosnia-Herzegovina. ... man-empire

This was when the German-dominated EU gained control of the first colonies of its empire!

How did it happen? It’s worth remembering the history of this conflict, which was started by Germany.

Yugoslavia: Germany’s First Military Victim After WW2

Yugoslavia was a country created from the peace settlement at the end of World War i. It was a merger of three major religions and many different ethnic groups. The Catholic regions of Slovenia and Croatia combined with the Eastern Orthodox Serbs and Muslim Slavs to create one motley nation.

After World War II, the nation was held together by the strong Communist dictatorship of Josip Tito. After he died in 1980, the nation began to unravel. In 1991, Catholic Slovenia and Croatia declared independence from the Serbian-dominated government.

In December 1991, events in the Balkans began to take shape when against strong opposition from the United States, United Nations and even the European Economic Community, Germany recognized the breakaway states of Croatia and Slovenia. Just like that, Germany destroyed its old enemy from World War II, Yugoslavia.

Pope John Paul II quickly followed, for obvious reasons.

About a month later the European Economic Community caved in to Germany and recognized the two states on Jan. 15, 1992.

Germany was opposed by virtually the entire world, and yet it stood firm!

Even more than that, Germany was training the Croatian Army and Air Force. Civil war broke out after the two regions declared independence. In 1992, with Yugoslavia already losing control, Bosnia broke away, starting yet another war. Yugoslavia continued to be torn apart even into the 2000s. Just look at a map of southeastern Europe to see the final result—and it all started with Germany!

Even though German troops have finally been pulled out, the European peacekeeping mission is ongoing. Tensions remain high between the three major ethnic groups in the country, the Serbs, Croats and Muslims, and the need for a European force is still there.

And why would the EU leave?

The Balkans region provides a strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea. That is another reason why Germany and the Catholic Church pressed for the dissolution of Yugoslavia. (For detailed analysis on Germany’s motives, read our free booklet Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans.) German troops don’t have to remain, as Germany has since come to dominate the EU through the ongoing euro crisis. ... he-balkans

So, ironically, the German troops have been withdrawn from keeping the peace in the very region in which they started the war! What a masterful move by the same country that started both world wars. No wonder it now dominates the entire European Union!

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