Germany unveils Roma Holocaust memorial

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who what? who got cencored by facebook for talking about zionists global takeover ? that be me .. who are zionists ?? that will be hundreds of ceo's with inside info on global affairs for the purpose of shaping the planet, companys like bechtel, monsanto and haliburton oil, gas, mining, food blah blah blah sending troops to war for control of resources and sole distribution of said resources. wars the general population think are about freedom and stability when its actually about profit and greed and then theres the endgame the endgame even some conspiracy theorists cant see once these entitys have full control of everything they're going to turn on the unarmed defenceless populations because they dont have a need for 7 billion people and being as they produce everything from cows milk to cancer , they would much rather conserve the quality of air for their own children than have us breathe it. Despite what many think, These people are planning and will carry out genocide on a global scale as soon as they have all the peices in place. If you wanna know which companys im talking about look at which companys are not only profiting from wars but profiting from cleaning up afterwards, then look at who's buisnesses are expanding into local government and social programmes when there doesnt seem to be any productivity or profit just expense and bullshit designed to alter your perception, we call them quango's in the uk, the desensitising and militarisation of the police on a global scale forced intergration, corporate sponsored terrorism The big picture takes ages to see (took me 10 years to see it). It all boils down to these massive corporations getting ready to confuse and murder almost everybody from the bottom up. That Carbon footprints gonna be on your neck till you stop breathing.
It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted -- by present facts -- of incompetence and irresponsibility.


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