Get them while their Young - Monsanto GMO Brainwashing

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You Gotta Be :censored: kidding me :hell:


Link to PDF ... y-Book.pdf

GMO Myths for Kids

Monsanto and its cohorts among the "Big 6" pesticide and GMO companies -- Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Bayer, Syngenta, Dupont, and BASF -- are fighting a battle with California voters on whether or not GMO foods should be labeled. In the meantime, the trade group CBI, whose membership consists solely of those six corporations, is busily educating children on the supposed benefits of GMOs.

As several outlets have reported, CBI is promoting its dis-informative Biotech Basics Activity Book for kids. The book has cute illustrations and introduces kids to the "neat topic" of biotechnology.

Source ... Propaganda

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