Ghosts are they Human Souls or Something Else??

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PostFri May 29, 2009 5:38 am » by Vulcanic

More i think about it the more it bugs me hehe

I been thinking of some new ghost hunting equipment , like evp's , evp's bug me so much because they defeat the purpose, you ask questions with a recorder on, they reply but the next day or hours later you rewind the recorder to see if you got replys?

whats the point of that???

we need a recorder that also plays whats it's recording at the same time!! that way if you get a reply you can hear them in real time and answer them in real time and then you might even be able to have a conversation!

but i have alot ideas like this to aid in ghost hunting. :flop:

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PostFri May 29, 2009 1:28 pm » by Nuada

Ghosts are not a figment of our imagination, they are real. They exist on a different vibration/ frequency range from us and this is why they have been known to take on a rather vague form. For it is possible that we may also appear as ghosts to them. One thing is for sure though, they are as real as you and me. They say if your cat suddenly stares at mid-air, it has probably spotted a ghost!
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PostWed Aug 15, 2012 11:25 pm » by Webhead

well i have seen ghosts all my life and i have tried to talk to a few and i never get a reaction ,

i beleive these ghosts i have seen to be nothing more than a video from the past, the earth the universe is electrified so it could maybe somehow like a video tape record certain parts of someones life ,then at certain points play it back.

we are all made of energy maybe when we die the earth records that too it would make sense.

its like people who go to places and find out they dont exist anymore but once did its like its being replayed

i have also seen now this is crazy and maybe i need certifying time stop still its a weird story but afterwards i knew exactly what was going to be said and happpen i wont go into it its personel stuff but i was shocked to hell and back.
i dont know what that could be but thats another story.

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PostThu Aug 16, 2012 4:28 am » by Building Sounds

I have had a few encounters with what would be called "shadow people". Not just the ones they see on TV shows, but more like the man in the hat that the Freddie Kruger story is loosely based on. They were darker than the darkness, kind of a pitch black static, and they seem to be made out of nightmares. One fell upon me, and the blanket got tight around me, and I could feel its breath and hear a terrible laugh in my head, and as it pressed against me I was consumed by the most dreadful thoughts. It was like having a second consciousness that was thinking that all of my friends and family hated me, and I was a terrible person, and I should just kill myself because life was a total waste. At the same time my real thoughts remained, and I had to just keep telling myself it wasn't true and that people loved me and I slowly regained strength and was able to speak. I said a prayer and grabbed something dear to me, and it faded away, but not before things in my room started moving on their own as if the thing was throwing a fit that I had fought it off. I know it wasn't a dream because I did not go back to sleep, I ran down to the living room and sat with all of the lights on until morning came and it was time to go to work. I don't know if they are true to form as shadows, or are some kind of demon or spirit or even something completely alien and different that exists in the physical realm. I think it's possible they feed on fear and use nightmares etc. to draw it out of us.

I don't think they're the only kind of "ghost" but are predominantly what people encounter in negative spirit events.

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PostThu Aug 16, 2012 7:52 am » by Rich316

The realm of hungry ghosts as buddhists call it is quite real. The reason someone sees a ghost and the person right next to them does not is because of a dip - a karmic dip downward into a lower frequency - they are there all the time and why people only see them now and again. It's not something bad when someone may see one, it's just a quick visit into a lower frequency - a glimpse into a lower realm.

Hungry Ghosts (Pretas) are pitable things. They are wasted creatures with huge, empty stomachs. Their necks are too thin to allow food to pass. So, they are constantly hungry.

Greed and jealousy lead to rebirth as a Hungry Ghost. The Hungry Ghost Realm often, but not always, is depicted between the Asura Realm and the Hell Realm. It is thought the karma of their lives was not quite bad enough for a rebirth in the Hell Realm but not good enough for the Asura Realm.

Psychologically, Hungry Ghosts are associated with addictions, compulsions and obsessions. People who have everything but always want more may be Hungry Ghosts.


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