Give me vaccine death evidence!!!

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 10:26 pm » by Oreocannon

I want all the proof and evidence on Gardasil/bird flu/swine flu deaths and cases of autism and sicknesses after the vaccine.
I want all the sources, articles, links, cases whatever you got!
Oh i believe you, thats why im collecting evidence, because i will be making posters and we will put them around towns to let people know to NOT FALL AGAIN FOR LIES and loose their kids
So please if you know anything, post the link so i can collect it!
I am doing a good thing, instead of talking i am planning to make more people aware!

here are my links! ... tosus.aspx ... tions.html ... tosus.aspx ... y-Children ... schedules/ ... -show.html ... inaion.htm ... erous-flu/ ... nment.aspx

Please, this is not a debate if vaccines are deadly enough.
We have hundreds of cases all over the news in the past 3 years about deaths and autism related to the swine flu and gardasil vaccines.
If you dont believe, go fuck yourself, your post will be ignored.
If those links are not "peer reviewed evidence" for you and you trust the FDA go fuck yourself, no one cares about your opinion. no one will answer to your troll posts, this is a thread for the anti-vaccination crowd! YOUR POST WILL BE iGNORED!

Now, gimme!

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 10:36 pm » by Muchtyman

I should caution you that it is not the Vaccines themselves that are deadly , it is the crap that is included with the antigen , otherwise you will be rightly criticised for being against the eradication of polio , smallpox etc .

So ,Formaldehyde, Aspartame,Mercury,Squalene ,Aluminium Etc ......................Good luck . ... ngredients ... gredients/

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 10:58 pm » by Oreocannon

yea, the vaccine as an invention is not bad, its the ingredients in the past 3 years and the conspiracy..killing people.
good enough for me!

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 11:03 pm » by domdabears

There's a member here (forgot who) who got really sick from some kind of swine flu vaccine.

They did an article on him too. He lives in England I think.

It's a regular member too. Cant remember who it was though.

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 11:05 pm » by Oreocannon

as long as we get more links and articles on all the kids who died and got sick, names too!
I need all there is on the internet!

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 11:05 pm » by Muchtyman

Whooping Cough Vaccine - Doesn't work - GSK says " We didn't bother to check " April 8, 2012 ... australia/

You will also be criticised because not giving your child their shot increases the danger of infection to other immunised children . This is absolute bullshit , turning the logic of " Herd Immunity " on it's head .

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 11:09 pm » by Oreocannon

very good muchtyman, and here is my contribution
My comments will be in green, Agent one will be red, Agent two will be purple - Because they are faggots.
It all starts as i discover another video about vaccines -
This time i am attacking them on their grounds. A stupid video propaganda lying to you in your face.

You honestly believe vaccinations cause autism? That just proves that you know LITERALLY nothing about immunology, biology, or microbiology. Your lack of logic and continual spewing of rhetoric lead me to one question...
Can you post one single study (that hasn't been completely debunked by thousands of experts) that shows any correlation between vaccinations and Autism? Or explain this, since the removal of Thymerosol why has Autism continued to raise?
Awareness, try it sometime... : )

Here we see the agent "WangTheHuman" trolling "illuminatiapocalypse" and harassing him with more lies.
You can't expect mazonspls to just stand there and not save the day?

How come so many kids got sick and died from the gardasil vaccine? How come doctors want to do door to door vaccinations? How come they bribe kids with a chance to win an ipod at school to get vaccinated? How come a can of tuna doesnt get me sick but a vaccine does? I though vaccines have less mercury? Why do they put mercury in the first place?

Hepatitis B vaccine has been shown in many peer-reviewed research papers to be associated with numerous infant deaths in the U.S. and Europe, multiple sclerosis and numerous chronic autoimmune disorders.
According to Child Health Safety, the U.S. government admitted as much when a Court found in favor of a plaintiff (deceased by the time the decision was made) who had developed systemic lupus erythematosus:

Three hepatitis B shots are part of the standard government-recommended childhood vaccination schedule, with the first dose given at 12 hours of age in the newborn nursery of most hospitals.Despite what you may hear in the media, reactions can be serious. In fact, hepatitis B appears to be one of the most problematic vaccines on the current schedule. As Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) testified to Congress:

"For most children, the risk of a serious vaccine reaction may be 100 times greater than the risk of hepatitis B."Now the U.S. government has also conceded that the vaccine carries risks, specifically they have conceded that it may cause systemic lupus erythematosus. source:
Would you like more souces? because you will say the site is biased and lies? and what stops your big pharma companies from liyng? All i see is hundreds of kids dead and sick while they werent before?

why did they put all this stuff in gardasil in the first place: Sodium Borate, AKA Roach Killer,Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulphate: Aluminum is a serious neurotoxin and has been linked to Alzheimer's, Corrosive to eyes and skin. The amount of tissue damage depends on length of contact. Eye contact can result in corneal damage or blindness. What are those poisons doing in vaccines mr doctor? What is their use?

They didn't put in pure mercury. They put in a perservative that contained mercury. They took it out as a precaution.

Here comes agent "Sarge Rho" to battle against the ignorant mazonspls.

thiomersal - the mercury based preservative. But that doesnt add up. They are doctors...they know better...they know whats best for us. They could have used a better preservative. All those people didnt had to die. And now they can just fix the vaccine and tell me its okay? I think its too late to earn my trust back.

Nobody died because of the perservative... And again: Sources.

That nigga really wants me to provide sources, Like i didn't? Like all those kids dieing are not enough, a newspaper must confirm it?

Such a shame that your name is from a favourite game of mine ground control 2. Well people sure died because of something? And if its not mercury its another poison? How about Washington post as a source? How about all the videos and news on the hundreds of people? How about you provide sources that vaccines didnt kill anyone? You can scream sources all you want, that wont make us accept your lies, but hey i do have sources.

But tell you what buddy, when they start revealing the ingredients of their new vaccines for everyone to see, and put better ingredients...and people stop dieing...then maybe i can buy one, test to see the ingredients in a lab, and then use it on me. Until then we will not be vaccinated thank you very much. Maybe if they weren't incompetent to put an obvious poison as a preservative i would trust them. Maybe if they werent paying those clowns to lie and bribing kids with ipods i would trust them

I want sources, or I won't believe you.
And all I see is diseases like smallpox and polio practically erradicated.

Wow he dismisses all my claims and still wants sources! But wait didnt i give him enough?

I all ready posted two sources, washington post, and the other 3 comments you see from mercola. But you are really good at pretending they dont exist and asking me for more sources. Can you keep this game for a whole week? I will keep posting sources and you will keep pretending they dont exist and asking for more sources. Guess what, i DONT GIVE A FUCK if you believe me. You are supporting a conspiracy that is responsible for many deaths and cases of autism in the past 3 years. You deserve....

to be hanged(:

Ignorance defined. Nice.

Now lets get back to agent one. He uses this comeback against my 6 comments with all the quotes and stuff i posted.

When you cant answer the many questions that destroyed all of your lies, it is really easy to say "ignorance defined. nice". let me continue my ignorance and repeat: How come so many kids got sick and died from the gardasil vaccine? How come doctors want to do door to door vaccinations? How come they bribe kids with a chance to win an ipod at school to get vaccinated? How come a can of tuna doesnt get me sick but a vaccine does? I though vaccines have less mercury?

but hey, maybe its not the mercury based preservative causing the deaths. But didnt they test the vaccine enough? Why didnt they use better ingredients? Then i remember Bill Gates saying "they are hoping through vaccines and medication to lower our population in the future". It is you who is the ignorant one. Get your vaccine, we wont get ours. Enjoy death and suffering for your family. Perhaps make a video vaccine lover? How you get your vaccine?

I bet these guys don't even sweat while working. They just have all the responses and tactics ready by a program, and they just push a key and they write 2 lines dismissing everything you posted, ignoring any facts.
It's like trying to argue with a donkey, a paid to post donkey.
They lie to you in your face, they want you and your family to die, and they are getting paid to lie to you.
If you don't believe such scum deserves to be hanged publicly, then you get out of my forum right now.

Ignorance defined again, nice. Bill Gates was referring to his "Planned Parenthood" organization to decrease population, way to take his statement out of context COMPLETELY. By that he means that if more girls are on birth control, then OMG LESS BABIES!! INSANE RIGHT???? By not getting vaccines you are exposing your children to a host of desease and ailments that could have easily have been avoided. POST ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Wow he mad now! Could he really be right? Was Bill Gates talking about pregnancy instead of population reduction? But i remember him talking about how we breath out gas and how we should be reduced?

You never tell me what to do, you shut your mouth. But i will post evidence here, day after day, and you can run your mouth all you want. We will not get vaccinated, we will make posters, we will talk to people, we will make videos about it. all vaccinations in the last 3 years have resulted in many deaths, and i will post the evidence. By vaccinating your child, you are injecting poison ruining his immune system. Now, evidence time.

Those ARE NOT sources. By sources he means studies with control groups, double blind and shit. Things you obviously KNOW NOTHING about. GO away, your full of lies and deceit, there is not ONE single MD that is ACTUALLY an MD that will tell you not to vaccinate your kids, if they do, then they're a fuckin quack.

Now he is really mad. He definitely wants me to know whatever i post is not a source. But what is a source worthy of their belief? President Barack Obonga written and signed by the FDA? They don't even think washington post is a source! I guess i should find some doctors to...oh wait he said every doctor speaking against vaccines is a quack.

Interesting, so where were the studies done by the vaccine companies before unleashing that poison on the market killing and making kids autists? They should have tested the vaccine before releasing it right?

EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE that you posted... HAS BEEN DEBUNKED. FUCKING YEARS AGO. You are a hack, a schill, for the anti-pharma movement and you are ultimately conning people that could really benefit from these aides. I hope you and your children never get sick, but for the benefit of society you really should EDUCATE yourself. Try reading a REAL book sometime... Peace, I'm done with this twit.

Wow, he has somehow debunked every piece of evidence i posted, just by saying he has. He has shown no proof or a source for his claims whatsoever. It seems we are fighting source wars now.

Screaming lies and deceit wont make it magically be true. I would like to see your sources and peer reviewed research proving that all my evidence has been debunked. I would like to see how you debunk a death of a child after the vaccine?

Actually, they did. But once again, you just prove your own ignorance repeatedly.

We've already debunked EVERYTHING that you have posted, so keep going, by all means.... Idiot.

Repeating lies over and over again must be a form of brainwashing to somehow make his lies a fact.

So they did (obviously) and say its all good. Then why did all these kids die from gardasil? You know...the whole world knows about rick perry's gardasil sharade and all the kids. Its all over the news, youtube and the internet....and you pretend it never happened? You know what, why dont i give you a chance to see beyong your ignorance. Tell me what are all these poisons doing in a vaccine: rense(dot)com/general59/vvac(d­ot)htm

Thanks i will. and could you shut the fuck up for a second? its hard to collect all your disinfo and lies when you post every second. I know you are paid to do it, but give it a cigarette brake, its hard copy/pasting all your shit to show people how you lie. You know im making a youtube video and posters right? with all the evidence...

You smoke cigarettes and advise people not to get vaccinated... LMAO this is too damn much !! : )

I dont remember saying i smoke cigarettes? i joked you should take a smoke break. I actually invented herbal cigarettes to help people quit real cigarettes more easily and to not get so much poison in their lungs (while smoking is bad no matter what you smoke). They are composed of mullein (which cleans the lungs and helps cure asthma) mostly. I think smoking is horrible.

If a child died due to a vaccine, it would have been ALL over the news, it would have been the biggest story since 9-11, yet it wasn't. Know why? Because it never happened. Post proof, real evidence that a child was killed by a vaccine and maybe we'll believe you. Also it would have been the lawsuit of the century, but it wasn't, because it's bullshit. : )

Ladies and Gentlemen. The disinfo agent of the century - He claims not one child died because of the gardasil/swine flu vaccines. Especially those who got the swine flu after taking the vaccines and died because of it. how about that site?
OH ITS BIASED ISNT IT? shall we ask judge neapolitano? Shall we ask him? that you pretend all those people didnt died from the vaccines?

@Mazonspls is not respected in the medical or scientific fields, as well he sells "alternative" Quack therapies on his again loser.

LOL check out mr agent 3 coming to the rescue ganging up on me.

@Mazonspls the washington post is not a source moron.

True, and what sources have you provided?

@Mazonspls Mercola is not respected in the medical or scientific community. Further, he sells "alternative" treatments on his website! This is the source you cite?? Lol source he means Peer Reviewed accredited journal published studies. people lie like cheap rugs.

If they really hate mercola so much he must be...good. Peer Reviewed accredited journal published studies loooooooooooooooooooooool! Shall i ask what Peer Reviewed accredited journal published studies has he published? Agent 2 was commenting on his good job shutting me up but i lost the comment.

And what Peer Reviewed accredited journal published studies have you posted proving that vaccines did not kill anyone and vaccines werent responsible for any deaths and autism? If you dont post a source right now, i wont believe you! brb posting my proof

BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO VACCINATE YOUR KIDS READ THESE SITES! EVERYTHING ABOUT GARDASIL/SWINE FLU VACCINES EXPOSED! tinyurl(dot)com/mazon11 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon12 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon13 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon14 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon15 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon16 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon17 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon18 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon19 tinyurl(dot)com/mazon20 A lot of people used to make fun of us, who didnt vaccinate our kids, but our kids are still alive and healthy...think about that. READ PLEASE!

Let us troll!

In the US over 5000 families are known to the mainstream media as believing that the MMR shot has triggered autism in their children, and the real figure could be much higher. Court rulings against the MMR include a 90,000 GBP (Great British Pound) payout for brain damage to a boy called Robert Fletcher, and a $1.5 million payout for Hannah Poling who received MMR and six other vaccinations in one day and then developed autism.

Let us troll agent 2 more with some "sourced" evidence!

So wangboy, are you saying Robert Fletcher and Hannah Poling are little liars? Should we give them a call? Would you like to talk personally to them?

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 11:18 pm » by Muchtyman

I have 3 daughters , My wife signed the consent form for gardasil for one of them , I went slightly apeshit , needless to say the other 2 didn't get the shot .

Unfortunately , depending on Country or region , I suspect parental consent is not required .

That's what really pisses me off . So , Good luck , I wish you well , but I would suggest you get involved with a group locally of like minded folk ......................... :cheers:

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 11:23 pm » by Baboogdi

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 11:24 pm » by Oreocannon

yea dont worry, i am happy that you managed to get the 2 kids not vaccinated!
What we are going to do is get all the evidence into small simple quotes with source link below, and spam it on all videos making them go crazy.
Then we will make posters and spam them around. We are going to get all the evidence and all the cases!
No more kids will die under my watch.

Im sure vaccines used to be good, but nowadays...the gardasil.....the swine many deaths and ill kids, something is definitely wrong and the people need to know all the proof and to start not trusting the companies any more!


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