Global Warming or Global Governance

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PostWed Aug 05, 2009 10:52 am » by Ihasabucket

Awesome find! I wish more people would realize this. I'm tired of explaing to "Global Warming" alrmists (and critics) that climate change is based more on natural planetary cycles and less on human impact...and the reason for the past summers' cooler average temps is mainly due to solar minimum...not some "myth" :bang;

Never knew about the 800 year lag between co2 and temp, and that humans only contribute to ~3% of the total amt. of co2 in the atmosphere...more ammo for the arsenal. :cheers:
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PostWed Aug 05, 2009 12:32 pm » by Samkenman

Global warming is a very difficult subject to say the least. The real problem is that there are so many high profile people on both sides of the issue it is hard to find the truth.

I'll tell you my humble opinion....I think that we live on a living organism called earth. This earth is so complex in it's functions that we as humans have a extreamly hard time figuring it all out. The temperatures and climate are always changing, seasons getting longer and others getting shorter....It is a natural evolution of this planet we call home.

I find it hard to believe that we humans are not, at least, a small factor in that evolution.

We spew out trillions of tons of pollutants into the atmosphere every year....And yes there are plenty of natural earthly functions that help to recycle and disipate those pollutants down to a tollerable level. long will mother earth continue to function properly under a constant onslaught of man made chemicals? Nobody can know for sure.......

Whether or not global warming is real isn't the real issue here...If mother earths wants to heat up or cool down to a point that humans cannot survive, there will be little we humans could do about it. The real issue, I think, concerns human behavior and our lack of knowledge and concern for our planet.
We humans...especially Americans (and i am american) consume a tremedous amount of everything and in turn, pollute it back to the eviroment in the form of wastes.
Americans make up about 5% of the worlds population, yet we comsume 25% of the worlds resources! It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or any scientist for that matter, to see that a ratio like that cannot be sustained.
Global warming or not...we as humans have to find a better way to live WITH our earth...
Why are we still driving cars fueled with petrol when there are much better/cleaner energies?
Why doesn't my home town have a solar power generating station?
Why doesn't my home have solar pannels on the roof?
Why does my tap water have floride in it?

If we are to survive on this earth, we must find a natural equalibrium/harmony with earth. If we do not find that balance (and soon) we may not survive long enough to see who was right.....
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PostWed Aug 05, 2009 12:37 pm » by Blacky

Global warming is to do with the sun!!!!!!!!!!
None of this scare tactics b :censored: ks

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PostWed Aug 05, 2009 1:00 pm » by Samkenman

blacky wrote:Global warming is to do with the sun!!!!!!!!!!
None of this scare tactics b :censored: ks

I totally agree...The sun is everything to us!
Global warming would not be an issue if we harvested the sun's energy on a large scale...instead we drill into the earth and bring up oil(which is poisonous btw) and burn the s***out of it...seems pretty illogical to me...
FYI...Your average barrel of oil is traded 75 times on the stock exchange before it makes it to market....also illogical
:shooting: It all about the money unfortunately :(
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