GM’s Space Robot Can Beat Up Your Space Robot

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GM’s Space Robot Can Beat Up Your Space Robot ... obonaut-2/
Somewhere between filing for bankruptcy, putting a revolving door on the CEO’s office and keeping the Chevrolet Volt hype machine going, General Motors found time to build a robot. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers helmet is ridiculous, but this thing looks like it could kick Asimo’s ass.

GM’s engineers joined NASA’s eggheads under a Space Act agreement to develop a ‘bot capable of working alongside humans in factories and in space. That’s what they say, anyway. We suspect GM wanted to one-up Honda’s robotics program with a machine capable of curling 20-pound barbells.

They call it Robonaut 2, or R2, and say it is faster and more dexterous than the original Robonaut and other humanoid machines. GM and NASA spent three years working on it at Johnson Space Center in Houston. They’re still working on it, but the goal is creating a machine that works with the same speed and dexterity as a human. GM says that will lead to “safer cars and safer plants” while NASA says it will “help humans work and explore in space.”
Assuming we keep going to space.

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