God Vs. Science, Faith and Absence Thereof

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tntbw wrote:
bluesman4uonly wrote:
tntbw wrote:What were we talking about again? Oh that's right, God stuff. Can someone religious please explain the different human races to me? If people didn't evolve, then how did they adapt to where they live on this planet? I'm talking about their skin tone, size, ect...

First I'd like to say that I like this post.

In the book of Gensis look at the discription of Noah. Wooly headed, red skinned, etc and check out those eyes. Also one of the lost testiments called Adam and Eve, and the book of Enoch have good ideas. But the question that should be asked is, "what color is the spirit or essence of a man?" Is a mans spirit really a color or absent of color? We're not flesh, we're spirit.

Finally someone responded to my question, thanks. I did some searching on the topic of different races and pretty much came to the conclusion that there is only one race, just variations of it. Then I came upon this article that was written by a believer in God. The explanation of how the world was populated by the two original people, Adam and Eve, just blows my mind. If you except the literal word of the Bible, the only way to populate the Earth was to have Adam and Eve's children mate with each other and so on. So, everyone is directly related to everyone else that lives on this planet? We really are a weird race if you believe that story.

"We know that Adam and Eve were the first two people. Their descendants filled the earth. However, the world’s population was reduced to eight during the Flood of Noah. From these eight individuals have come all the tribes and nations."
http://www.answersingenesis.org/article ... rent-races

Actually, if you read the first and second chapters of Genesis you'll easily see that there were two seperate Creations. Just look at the first creation where it tells what order things were made and you'll see that mankind was the last thing made. In the second chapter you'll notice that God planted a garden and from the soil of that garden he made Adam(or the first man of the 8th day creation. Then also in the second creation he created living things and brought them into Adam to name and the last thing He created was woman from a rib of man. This is two seperate creations.
Now, about the children of the biblical Adam and Eve, their children married people from the first creation. Remember that the Cain,second child or son of Adam, when banned went to the land of nod an took a wife. Therefore, Noah had the genes of every race except the race of giants in his blood and was found perfect in his generations. All races came from him and his ancestors.


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