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Does anyone remember how the UK sold off 400 tons of gold at around $260 per ounce in 1999 when it is now worth around five times that. It was either a big mistake or foul play.

It was the latter.
The gold sale by Gordon Brown, the then UK Treasury Secretary, was ordered by JP Morgan in order for them to cover their enormous short positions.
GB was promised a nice promotion as a return favor, he became prime minister, which is quite ironic for someone who had just ruined the UK Treasury.
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PostWed Mar 03, 2010 6:52 pm » by Aquarius

Ya when the Rothschilds cashed in on their gold a decade or two ago, everyone smelt a rat, but couldn't quiet put their finger on it. Of course Rothschild knew, hence the reason he was selling all he owned in the gold market, the most stable market in the world and the market by which countries measure their wealth.

He knew that the amount of gold in the world was a lie, that iou's for gold far outweighed the quantity of gold available. He knew that there existed massive amounts of Tungsten plated bars all over the world, not just those discovered in fort knox. He knew that eventually this would be discovered and that countries would be unwittingly ripping off other countries, as has been discovered in China recently and Dubai. Of course this all traces back to the banks, but we all know they cannot be held accountable.

He knew that those elitests whos wealth may threaten the balance of power among the aspiring tyrants/puppeteers of the NWO/illuminati or whatever you'd like t call it, had to be deceived and ripped off, which has happened among sheiks in the arab nations. Their wealth had to be reduced to assets and digital figures on a computer server, which can be doctored or destroyed. Jesus as far back as the 30's/40's the American $ used to share the currency of America with gold, as this was stated on the dollar bill, but the Fed stopped that. They knew that eventually all currencies would crash, so therefore they needed/coveted/desired all the gold available (and valuable minerals). These adverts offering paper for valuable minerals are a way of brain washing you into thinking that you will get value for something that is invalueable. There is no end to their greed. They need to control you until we see that there is no other way to survive, then they will begin the genocide. See through the bullshit. Now if only I had some fucking gold or silver. Ah well, I guess when the shit really hits the fan I'll probably become a gangster/thief and die by the bullet of some trigger happy sadistic national guard patrolling our streets. But I promise to take a few of them with me, just for you guys :shooting:
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PostWed Mar 03, 2010 7:26 pm » by Starphazer

Just stalk up on Food and medical supplies.Thats all you will need.I will trade you a sack of food for gold,and some medical supplies for the rest of your gold.

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PostWed Mar 03, 2010 8:16 pm » by 1ofakind


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Is there a way to detect Gold Tungsten that is made into jewelry or for technology?

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PostMon Mar 22, 2010 3:45 am » by Hubaloo

American Coin 1964; the silver dollar. 1964 was worth approximately .90 cents in silver weight. In 1965 there were no more silver dollars. I wonder why? Our dollar bill then was called a silver certificate which was redeemable for silver coin, price of silver 1960-1965 .75-.90. If the silver coin were still in effect your silver dollar would be worth the price of it's commodity trade which is between 18.00 and 20.00 per ounce. This also means it would have been a hedge on inflation, maybe that's why...
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PostMon Mar 22, 2010 4:04 am » by Ph0enix

can't eat either one

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I am stocking up on rice, can always catch a rat to get protien.
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