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PostTue Mar 29, 2011 12:35 am » by Slith

will69ease wrote:
dlslith wrote:
will69ease wrote:I think "mastermind 321" and "hbreed" are the same person. This way he can keep posting praise like he just did on the stupid "dome of the rock ufo" video thread, posted by him. I'm really starting to get annoyed by this idiot. Why the mods don't lock the thread is beyond me.
(or are they?)

We are a little more lenient than other places. That's why

I guess it comes down to this. Some people who we all know post all kinds of garbage for
us to ignore or pick through like Pindz...fine. He cracks me up so I like him. And there are people here that promote their websites here, but by providing a link after their post. Thus why I like people like Chrisfry. But this jerk was spam from the beginning. And then if anyone didn't agree with his point of view they were chastised. The only one who agreed with him was his alter ego "mastermind 321". That makes him a troll. And there are enough of us that
have no issues exposing them. It's definitely an interesting website.

No worries mon ami. We'll continue to take out the trash so we can all enjoy the site :flop:


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