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i sent this to the 4 media outlets in denver,colorado.i believe it's newsworthy.let's see if they do.

my wife is a high level employee at cignahealthcare in denver colorado,the second largest healthcare provider in the U.S.this is an internal memo from cigna to it's employees.every American has the right to choose whether or not to to receive the H1N1 family and i choose not to.if the gov't is paying for the vaccination for those who want it,doesn't that mean that i,as a taxpayer,are paying for their vaccinations?my view is admittedly biased.what's the next best thing to mandatory vaccination?paying for it.the concern of the cigna employees is this:9 trillion in debt,billions of dollars unaccounted for.where is the money coming from to pay for someone else' vaccination?i write to you for 2 reasons.your faster than youtube(which i'll use as a last resort)and as an American citizen,i'm deeply i believe every American should be.i need to pay $24.00 for a normal flu shot,yet the H1N1 vaccine is free.why?what's in it that they want in us so badly?i would appreciate at least a response to this email.thank you,matt sandoval

• The H1N1 vaccine will be distributed nationally after the initial lots become available, which are expected within the next four weeks, on or about October 15th.

• The Federal Government will be paying for all doses of the H1N1 vaccine this season, and will be distributing the H1N1 vaccine free of charge to individuals through public health clinics, schools, health fairs, mass immunizers, clinics, as well as selected physician’s offices.

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the money spent on government paid vaccines is more than made back through employee's nationwide having less sick leave due to the flu.

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