'Grease Devils'

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Sri Lankan police have arrested at least 47 'Grease Devils' – sex maniacs – who allegedly indulge in sexually assaulting women in rural areas, causing panic.

Police said at least 30 cases of Grease Devils have been reported from several districts during the last 6 weeks. Grease Devils apply grease to their bodies while clad only in underwear. This would allow them to escape to safety if caught in the act.

But the police description of Grease Devils holds little water in areas where mythical beliefs of unseen forces are very much part of day-to-day lives. At least 47 such men have been arrested recently.

In the latest incident a police station in the eastern region of Pottuvil came under siege by residents demanding the release of a Grease Devil. In the central region of Haputale, two suspected Grease Devils were hacked to death by local residents.
http://www.indianexpress.com/news/greas ... ka/831521/


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PostSun Aug 28, 2011 6:53 pm » by Rednerrus

The spiritual center of this ball o dirt isn't immune to the ingenuity of humanity.

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Squirt the bastards with this.


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pretty weird


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