Great UFO Video - Orb floating over city

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PostWed Dec 30, 2009 9:09 pm » by Alienphotog

This is a video I took on November 19th, 2009. Of all the videos I have taken, I think this was the most impressive one to see in person. It looked just like this in person ... and is clearly not an out of focus plane or helicoptor. The focus was on infinity, and if you look below the "orb" you can see the city lights and none of them are balloned out like this light is ... it was just a huge bal of light floating through the sky.

I've receive almost 10 emails from others who saw the same thing this night. A few people mentioned it was floating around near Horsetooth Reservoir about 2 hours before this video was taken. Apparently it shot down into the trees, and helicoptors came and circled the area for about 30 minutes right after.

This video was featured on, and I received a comment from someone claiming to be a Military Intellegence Officer. I copied and posted his comment and will find it and put it up here.

Upload to

Thought I'd share this one with you guys here at Disclose TV

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PostWed Dec 30, 2009 9:11 pm » by Alienphotog

Comments from someone claiming to be a Military Intellegence Officer

"As a Military Intelligence analyst I can tell you this, the image that I see here appears to be roughly 40-60 feet in diameter, rotating at a high rate of speed, reflecting energy created by internal drive engines. I can devuldge this information to you, Hydromatic flight engines (Water Driven GYro) are anti gravity, spin at rapid speeds and create great forces of energy, silent for the most part, but can ans sometime do sound like airconditioning units. This appears to be, what I have seen in many documents, stamped TOP Secret in the United States Army as Other Worldly vehicles, navigated by Other Worldy beings. This type of frequency that you see being emitted from the craft is due to the engine and the continious spinning of the hydro engine. These craft are going to be seen more frequently, especially in and around the four corners area, of Nevade,Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Ft. Carson is the location of the Delta squads designated to debunk alien craft and propagate operations such as Snowbird, to fool the public. You, are witnessing true alien craft at work here. This is ging to become more frequent, as the witching hour is getting closer. The New World Order is almost at Hand... Yes even inthe Military, were aware of the coming World Power. The Strobe and Flash, are natural creeations created by anti gravity craft, Military personel, privied to this information were astonished to find out what and how these craft fly, and appear to the human eye. Desensing the public has been the number one goal, and planting false information, creating false confidece within persons has been obviously an achievment that the New World Order has been striving to do since 1954. Proof is in the comments below mine... Thanks for reading, I hope I have enlightened you.SPC E.K.A.U.S. Army Intelligence/Special Forces"

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PostWed Dec 30, 2009 9:20 pm » by Alienphotog

Some comments I've received from people who saw this video online through email.

I've not asked them if it's ok, so I'm not including their email address ... sorry, you'll have to take my word on it, LOL or not ....

"I live by the foothills just east of Horsetooth Rez, and have been watching numerous objects, and also orbs. I have seen objects exactly like the new video you posted. I was so excited to see that."

"I was up by horsetooth resevoir on may 11th 2009 I was sitting outside on a bench it was around 9pm i saw an orange sphere of light. I had never seen a flying object just glide straight across. it wasnt going through the sky, it was gliding across the front. Im so glad u have been posting your videos."

"Greetings from Bellvue, (North of Fort Collins)..I looked at your
video with interest. On Nov the 21st at 4:30pm we were coming home,
and I saw two very bright lights in the north foot hills. While the
sighting lasted on seconds, i do not believe that this was a meteor,
as there was a large light and a smaller one next to it. I also did
not see any tail, or movement. The lights were larger and much
brighter than anything I have ever seen before. The sky was overcast,
so I do not think this was an object in space, and they just flashed
on, and then off seconds later."

"I saw the same thing in ft collins co where i live, just wana say thanks! keep posting videos for those out there who arent so closed minded."

These are just a few comments I received.

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PostWed Dec 30, 2009 9:24 pm » by Alienphotog

An independant blogger I haven't been able to get ahold of talks about reports of this thing 2 hours earlier.

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PostWed Dec 30, 2009 9:27 pm » by bugmenot

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PostWed Dec 30, 2009 9:45 pm » by Alienphotog

bugmenot wrote:

Upload to

Cool video!

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