Grounded: Astronaut Crashing On An Alien World

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PostMon Sep 24, 2012 4:17 pm » by Ohzehgermans

That was intense.

It's very nice that they left soooo much room for interpretion. Indeed it plays with a bundle of phenomena we all are discussing here day to day. It even leaves room for the multi-/omniverse theory. And even ghosts are covered plus the question of reincarnation and how it could look like. Does anyone of you know the movie "flatliners"? It's like that with more twists than i could possibly point out.

And yes... the mayday call in zeh beginning indeed contains some german words. But i think they are just for a more immersive feeling. :ghost:
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PostMon Sep 24, 2012 8:56 pm » by Kerrblur2

Vertigo - you shouldnt be stealing someones banner that he posted. maybe he wanted that heh anyway if you keep it change the grammer on that. (you is....??)

Loved the film it got my mind racing with imagination. good thing there!
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