Group plan to mark spot of historic UFO sighting

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Anniversary of "West Lothian Question" UFO mystery
Nov 12 2009 by Debbie Hall, West Lothian Courier

IT IS an X-File that remains unsolved and still fascinates UFO enthusiasts all over the world.

This week saw the anniversary of one the planet’s most intriguing UFO mysteries – that happened right here in West Lothian.

He didn’t see little green men exactly, but 30 years ago forester Bob Taylor had a remarkable encounter with a UFO at Dechmont Law in Livingston.

Experts say it is the only one ever to have left tangible and recorded evidence, has been verified by the authorities and was the subject of a full police investigation.

To mark the event, West Lothian film company Waterborn TV have recorded a fascinating new documentary, The West Lothian Question, which includes an interview with the late Mr Taylor, which can be seen on YouTube.

The incident took place on November 9, 1979 in broad daylight when Mr Taylor came across a large object in a clearing.

Not only did he see the UFO but also two spherical ‘robots’ dropped from the object and grasped him, pulling him over.

Both police and ufologists say this encounter is unique because it appeared to leave evidence to support the story with strange marks in the clearing where the incident took place and inexplicable damage to Mr Taylor’s trousers, long johns and skin.

Realising that time was passing and those concerned were getting older, Waterborn Productions founders Duncan McKay and John Forsyth, recorded their documentary in a bid to get to the bottom of the inexplicable event.

Mr Taylor has since passed away and the documentary has been released on YouTube this week to mark the 30th anniversary of the sighting.

Duncan explained: “The story is told through the voices of the people actually involved on the day.

“For us, one of the most compelling aspects was the integrity and sincerity of the victim and this was reinforced by the universal agreement among all the professionals involved that no matter what did actually happen in the woods that day, Robert Taylor was completely honest and truthful, his story being a faithful account of his experience.

“These points together with a range of physical evidence supporting his story made a convincing case.

“The programme tests equally the events as experienced by Robert Taylor and also considers Steuart Campbell’s [sceptic and investigative science writer] alternative explanation that Robert Taylor saw an ‘astronomical mirage of Venus’, both interpretations are fully supported by exciting 3D graphics.”

The documentary follows police officers as they consider both theories and their interpretation of the event itself provides a new perspective to consider.

Duncan continued: “One thing remains certain, that day in the woods something very strange, something quite inexplicable, happened to Robert Taylor.

“Watch the programme, view the facts, and consider the testimony and ask the question - is this the World’s first real evidence of an inexplicable encounter?

“Then decide for yourself.”

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