GunZenBomZ short briefing on 2012-event

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 1:32 pm » by Gunzenbomz

Quick run down; some of you will hate me some of you may grow to like me. I can discuss normal things & engage in stuff without involving the following subject matter. So I'd hope you don't hold this against me. Apologies for any bad english or grammatical error's.

I' will show you a private-message I have shared with 'the boss'. ( site)

I'll definitely be adding afar more clear concise version for those with a leaning to the peculiar world that resides within my mind. Having spent a good number of years researching different subject matter ebbing me towards the analysis of Alien teachers. It's become acutely clear too me, we are not Alone in the universe (I'm shaking my head because I do not fear being attacked for my view's but I just didn't expect the reaction I've received. Including this hidden section been created)


Before 2012;There may well be huge catastrophes around the planet & amazing weather phenomenon. Frightening to most, a necessary evil to others.

Briefly the solar system enters the central galactic-plain of the milky-way,.. The earths polarity shift's as may human consciousness for the better. No alien-wars although usa may try to reveal aliens as demons & put forward a need to weaponize space (before 2012). 2012 Dec 21 around 11:11 we enter the final Epoch of humanoid development for our species (all life also), we get a DNA upgrade. We are joined by planet-x 'a planet around a brown-dwarf star' (plus other off-world life) and enter the 5th dimension *Head is officially spun*. It's very long winded & I'm still summarizing in my mind/notations.

I plan to be alive for this event

Believe in good within you & out there!

Patrick Lyons

To conceal my identity would be foolish as I'm not going suddenly change. Or retract the bulk of what I've garnered from this 'hobbie'. My current boss knows what I do, so do my close family & friends. Also I'm not trying to be famous or make money from this at all.

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 1:38 pm » by Gunzenbomz

From there

Now I will describe a plethora of subject matter I have covered.

..Other moon structures (Glass domes/tower of babel & other magnificent structures on Luna)
Dreams, Tetrahedral geometry/Sacred geometry, Mars; cydonia region
My views on Ufo's, structures found by Russian space exploration
Crop-circles/Water memory (how we effect children's growth/including homeopathy)
Arc structures on each continent/Ancient structures plus relaying mathematical information
(Stonehenge & Egyptian pyramids *Embedded mathematical information* even global GPS date inset into the buildings dimensions)
The many tribes faced with bizarre star-men/creatures.
Aliens in religious doctrine..confirmation of life out there contacting human kind.
Famous inventors/geniuses..& been contactee's..
Haarp (project bluebeam)/depopulation
Religion-&-sciences refusal of theory's (till certain people were dead/then a recognition of said theory)
Planet X/Niburi, NWO (*comedy option now* Swamp gas!)
Secret nasa transmissions/Nasa & its hidden agenda.
Previous ancient use of Radiation/electricity/computing-navigation/astrology devices way before our era
DNA upgrade (plus my belief we are already Aliens/terraformed species/Long-arm DNA strand/mitochondrial DNA)
The perversion of science&technology to hold back/control the many(Secret organizations)
Homo-luminous..mathematics ability to be universal language of intelligent life!
Conspiracy theories (do'h)
Disclosure project
Ancient maps of the earth(southern polar region)
Space (Astronauts views of strange anomalies/not just space-based life/craft moving under intelligence)

I will assure you of one deep down emotional value I grasp onto vividly.

The children of Earth are not responsible for the ill's of mankind. You cannot lavish the deeds of society onto children, they are innocent.

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 1:59 pm » by Mozi!!a

The children of Earth are not responsible for the ill's of mankind

and thx for the post Gunz.

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 2:10 pm » by Aardvaaks

Thanks gunzenbomz for your comprehensive listing of topics, a mountain of info to check out :flop:
Also all your links although not sure about this one you provided?
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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 2:38 pm » by Gunzenbomz

Cheers Demobee, Aardvaaks I just wanted to show anyone that I hadn't just decided to propel my view & idea of what could/can/may happen on this forum without backing up my little statement without a link. I shall not make quoting links from ukgser a habit.

I don't want anyone to start leaving here joining other forums or start motorbiking :flop:

Paddy :hugging:

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 7:35 pm » by Shiva777

hmmm...get a load of this

2012 and the hidden human dilemma ... sage/61376

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 7:46 pm » by Seemychess

i love this post. just bring it on heavy. we need the truth.

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 8:00 pm » by Boondox681

thanx to all for the links.good stuff

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PostTue Feb 15, 2011 8:04 am » by Whitewolf

Does this mean that inorder to survive 2012 (possible disater) that we should locate a nearby FEMA camp and postup near it? AFter all those areas are expected to survive while area like Phoenix having been doing nothing but digging mass graves. :peep:

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PostTue Feb 15, 2011 9:50 am » by Gunzenbomz

Cheers for joining in on my thread WhiteWolf, all I'd recommend you do is make a bug-out-bag.

You will get a flavour from this site. (or see my fav's for survival orientated youtubers!)

If electrical devices stop working or like egypt, the internet is turned off. Think how you could make a fire, catch or trap food (have a small set of food prepared). To worry about a specific place to get too or escape from, will only fill you will worry.

However the state (mine been UK *The main hive*) will not help us lot. So it may come across like I'm trying to tell you to fear change, no, rather be slightly prepared for a couple of days hike. All in good time, things slot into place at the appropriate signal..

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