GW Bush: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Children of the Fold

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There is a story goin' around George W Bush is the only survivor of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that a bunch of good 'ol boys in Brownsville in an outlaw motorcycle group, were persuaded by a movie producer to attend their club house wearing colors, unbeknown to them the theme of the movie was a rival motorcycle group and they were at war.

To which end while the Brownsville boys were all dressed up and the cameras were rolling, killers wearing suspender overalls and pigs head masks arrived with chainsaws, and hacked fifteen of them to death, scuttlebutt alleges GWB was a member of the original Brownsville group, that "officially" he never attended the club house meet on the night of the attack!

Notwithstanding The Onion publishes off center news, this report must be taken seriously in the light of allegations that have been around since before GWB became Governor of Texas!

March 8, 2000 | ISSUE 36•08 ... tions,397/

Bush lashes out at critics. The grim 1984 murder scene. ... entid=1396

Conspiracy Planet - Bush/ Clinton Crime Family - George W. Bush: Brownsville Satanic Cult Member? By Sheman Skolnik, April 3, 1984.

SUNNYVALE, CA–Telling reporters and critics to "stick to the issues that matter," Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday, concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder .. seventeen members of Children of the Fold a fringe religious group, were found brutally murdered in the basement of a Brownsville apartment building.

Many of the bodies had skin removed, severed legs were allegedly nailed to a wall, many are said to have had their hearts and brains cut out, a pen from a Bush oil company is said to have been used to gouge a victim's eye socket, and bloody footprints at the scene allegedly matched his shoes, he was never formally charged, and in October 1984 after a six month investigation the case was ruled mass suicide.

The issue arose again March 1, 2000, at a campaign stop in Cheektowaga NY, when a reporter asked if he would "ever directly address these lingering allegations," Bush lashed out "this campaign has nothing to do with some terrible, unfortunate event that [took place] nearly 20 years ago."

Feedback: The Onion is not news, it's satire .. I have yet to watch the TCM DVD..


News harboring behind a facade of satire is no new thing, George W Bush became Governor then President while this business was hanging over his head, allegations of a homosexual scandal involving murder continue to dog Obama. The Zionists firstly set up the incrimination then endorse guilty ppl as politicians.

They do just as they are told, else the incriminating material is taken up by the mainstream media thence the courts .. there appears to be a "hot" DVD version that has been shown at clandestine viewings and underground cinemas, and a "cold" version more suitable for general exhibition, the "hot" version was shown at a place called Sh*t Street in Hawaii in the late 1970's, witnesses asserted the killing was genuine!

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Hunter Thompson Suggested Coup Behind Reagan Assassination | Truthstream Media

Artist Ralph Steadman described as snuff porno producer Hunter S Thompson’s “companion,” appears to have been at the alleged April 3, 1984, massacre of seventeen members of The Children of the Fold religious group at Brownsville Tx.

Steadman has a method of tucking vowels under the bar of the capital T, as in the lettering of “A CHARGE TO KEEP” witnessed at the Brownsville crime scene, as well the EA in Steadman as it appears in his signature, resembles the EE in KEEP, insofar as the first character is smaller than the next, surely identifying him as the calligrapher!

Obsessions: Tripping on Hunter S. Thompson -

Johnny Depp similarly blows HST's horn .. we say he was likely involved in the snuff porno as well! Johnny Depp about Hunter S. Thompson on the Late Show (2011) - YouTube

Image ... 3B24A40F3A

Steadman's calligraphy appears at Gonzo Music, a site "in honor of the late Hunter S. Thompson," the intro on the following video looks like dripping blood!

Upload to

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PostThu Aug 21, 2014 1:46 am » by Dr.Abraham

Really .... The Onion??

Known for fabrication and hoax articles...

I wouldn't trust this information at All
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Edit: .. The dripping blood sequence has been edited out of the intro to the video, TAKEN DREAMS LIVE IN JAPAN, John Payne, Guthrie Govan .

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PostThu Aug 21, 2014 9:27 am » by DarkHeart

Moved to hoaxes & dis-info.

'cos it's Image

The Onion is a spoof news entertainment outfit, nothing they write is true.
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