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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse: July 1, 2011 View Chart
4:54 AM EDT, Washington, DC
(Midpoint of the Universal Underworld)

The New Moon in Cancer has arrived, the lunar activation of the June 21 Solstice, which north of the Equator is the emotional maturity of the strong Sun. In the solstice reading, I had fun playing with its magical field of vibrations, which was like a medieval madrigal. The solstice was absolutely revelatory for me this year, and during it I downloaded a compelling series of cosmic insights; these I share with you now as this lunation activates the midpoint of the Universal Underworld. Also, following the solstice, I noticed that some people close to me are turning their attention to prophecies of doom-and-gloom. Suddenly, segments of the New Age are becoming obsessed with the comets Honda and Elenin that are coming into our solar system this summer; some even suggest they are the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end times in Revelations. We hear wild tales of hail, fire, three days of darkness, and the avenging god, Jehovah demanding repentance! Meanwhile, I was basking in joyful goddess consciousness imagining Earth pulling comets, asteroids, and meteors into her complex folds, like a lover being seeded with sperm.

Those obsessed with old and moldy prophecies may miss the new cosmic revelations in our solar system. For example, in early June, Voyager I (after first leaving Earth in 1977) has finally made it out to the edge of the solar system (heliosphere). There, Voyager detected foamy magnetic bubbles 100 million miles in diameter that surround our solar system! (NASA Science News, June 9, 2011.) The Sun's magnetic field extends to the inner edge of the heliosphere, and its outer surface is gobs of self-contained bubbles, which is how we interface with the Milky Way Galaxy! You may recall me noting that when Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld opened in November 2010, NASA announced that the Galactic Center erupted two symmetrical bubbles on the vertical axis that contain the energy equivalent of 100,000 supernovas? (Astrophysical Journal, November 10, 2010). Instead of fear and contraction, I begin with these wonderful examples of the fruition of the Galactic Underworld, which help us understand our galactic habitation. We live in a universe of goddess bubbles, not in a prison filled with prophets crying of end times, doom-and-gloom, and catastrophe.

This New Moon is the third and last eclipse that encases our summer awakening, so it focuses and intensifies the enlivened, inspired, and hopeful harmonic fields that arrived on June 21. Yet, those waiting for the apocalypse are infected by what the Pleiadians call god poison-"You are a hopeless sinner in need of repentance and forgiveness for all your sins because you are stuck in a fear-based world." Thus, toxic people attach Judeo-Christian fundamentalist fanaticism to the arrival of the two comets in 2011. Sadly, this distracts us from our joyful and difficult climb to enlightenment during 2011. This dogma, soaked in guilt and the need for personal salvation, took over the early Roman Catholic Church during the fourth century, when patriarchal theologians distorted the heart-centered and cosmic teachings of Jesus. These beliefs became the core basis of the National Underworld religions that were generated in Rome on the midline. However, like all the National, Planetary, and Galactic systems that destroy Earth, male-dominant religious control is ending now. We can be sure of this because the systemic child abuse in the inner sanctums has been exposed. This knee-jerk reversion to doom-and-gloom may be the last picture show for those needing to froth up and pant once more as they wait for the apocalypse, but you also can choose to opt out. Regardless of what happens, most of us will wake up on October 29, 2011, and return to caring for our planet.

This latest apocalyptical fear insanity (catastrophobia) erupted during Night Three of the Universal. Now, during the proliferation phase of Day Four, we can use the powers of this Cancer solar eclipse to intentionally eliminate these last vestiges of god poison. In a just-released book, David Ian Cowan offers some good basic psychology: "The fears stirred up by discussions of planetary change and fundamental shifts in time and space are rooted in our physical bodies' ego-based survivalist programming. Some anthropologists say the ego evolved primarily out of our need to survive in a hostile environment, and it still operates largely in this mode. The ego actually wants you to think you are your body, and that the preservation of that body should be your primary concern." (Navigating the Collapse of Time) You are so much more than your body except when you all into fear; when you transcend fear and are in courage, you don't worry about the loss of your physical body. Judeo-Christian theology cleverly and seductively ensnares its believers in their bodies by preaching about the survival of the Chosen People, the Remnant of the End Times. Intriguingly, this New Moon expresses the power of our souls and spirits. It offers us energy to release ego and attachment to any outcome, including any form of ending. Let's move right into the heart of courage, the return of the goddess with the New Moon in Cancer.

During the June 21 solstice, the Sun going into Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn and squared Saturn in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries-a potent cardinal (initiating) grand square. Now, ten days later with this grand square still in place, the Moon in Cancer moves to the Sun. So, our desire for nurturance (Sun in Cancer), occurring amidst radical change (Pluto in Capricorn), within changing fractal fields (Uranus in Aries oppose Saturn in Libra), becomes an emotional crisis expressed by the Moon in Cancer. Thus, we feel all these elements shifting in the fractal fields. In response to studying the grand square, I say, it's time to get off the cross and return to living on Earth. We know this because the Sabian symbol for 10 Cancer [always read by advancing one degree] is a "large diamond not completely cut." (Marc Edmund Jones) This is the moment when we are ready to perfect ourselves by polishing the final facets of our souls to attain the cosmic meaning of life, the real purpose of the Universal Underworld. Since Cancer is our mother, the nurturer, we must cut away judgment and criticism on the facets of our diamond soul.

As we know from our studies of the Mayan Calendar, 2011 is the time for each one of us to move beyond all of the belief systems of the last 5,125 years that are not resonant with Earth. This includes removing our selves from the male dominant religions that claim God made a Covenant with humans to conquer nature, to exploit Earth. The arrival of the Moon in this grand square inspires us to really feel our love for Earth, so that we can place our hearts and minds in nature and feel her pain. Those presently obsessed with the wrath of the avenging God hurling comets at our planet miss feeling the joy of Earth expressing herself in synchronicity with cosmic events during the Universal. Whatever her expression will be, it will be ecstatic and beautiful.

Some may wonder what I really feel about religion and spirituality? For me, spirituality is ecstatic experiences with the divine within nature and all that is beyond. For me, the divine is what gives the universe life and it is therefore eternal, yet it penetrates our world even to the extent of creating the time-acceleration cycles characterized by the World Tree. I do not think I would know this if I didn't personally experience this force. Often I feel divine energy during cosmic creations, such as meteors, comets, asteroids, planetary synchronicities, and even earthquakes. For me, these creative expressions have no connection with the angry and punishing Judeo-Christian God, who is nothing more than a projection of unprocessed and dualistic human emotions, making the human ego into a deity. Since I feel these divine forces so strongly, sometimes I wonder if agnostics, atheists, and Judeo-Christian fundamentalists have any feeling or excitement in their hearts? Our attainment of Unity Consciousness this year has to be birthed in the heart, so I express great alarm when I see that two comets gracing our skies during 2011 are being used to instill fear, as well as to make a buck.

Let's lighten up and focus on astrology. Jupiter is lolling along in 5 Taurus feeling wonderful in a tight trine to Pluto in 6 Capricorn. This strong and earthy trine supports our personal and collective endeavors; it cheers us when we experience travail, which is the case with so many people right now. As I observe the floods in Minot, South Dakota, the bravery and trust of the people reaches into my heart. But, let us not miss the fact that these floods were gravely worsened by flood control projects the Army Corps of Engineers inflicted on the area years ago. In so many cases, the expected travails caused by nature are increased by man's interference, as we saw for example in Japan. Now during the Universal, nature is throwing off these shackles on her systems.

Jupiter also sextiles Chiron-conjunct-Neptune in Pisces, which offers strong spiritual support for those who are stressed personally by nature's release. I can feel this strength in some of the stories coming forth from people in Minot, and I feel like most of us will be part of this process this year. Jupiter sextiling the New Moon strengthens the power of the grand square, which is galvanizing new systems as old paths literally go underwater. The Cancer New Moon in this formative grand square will inspire a great heart opening in the flooded region. Previously I have noted that a crisis over nuclear power will build and build during the Universal-and as soon Day Four opened, two nuclear plants in Nebraska are in danger due to flooding; a huge fire threatens Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the Bomb was developed and where fissionable material are stored; and ABC News announced (on June 27) that three-quarters of US nuclear plants have had Tritium leaks in the past, a condition that continues to worsen. The midpoint of the Universal is July 3-4, when many will feel gratefulness for any security and nurturance they have; people will be thankful for the support of their families, friends, and communities. This eclipse activates the midpoint of the Universal, which will disseminate great heart openings that will inspire our true values, spirit, and courage. This energy could even turn the US away from playing empire, so that the country and the people can be valued as citizens again.

Mars in 7 Gemini, trining Saturn in 11 Libra, drives us to speak our truth and to seek justice and harmony: "Get off the suffering cross and take effective action in the world." Mars closely quincunxes Pluto in 6 Capricorn, a fascinating and formative influence. This uneasy alliance favors facile and quickened mental powers for separating out the complex elements of the old world that must pass away. It expresses the trying to figure out, the moment when we really see the light. This could be a really bad month for fundamentalist preachers because so many people have heard their rants just one too many times. If you've lost your home in Minot, are you waiting for the apocalypse? How are you feeling right now if you live near a nuclear power plant? In other words, an odd thing is going on that I sure would never have predicted: Now that so many people are experiencing their own personal apocalypses, waiting for the end isn't exciting any more, since it's already here. With new perspectives beyond the ego-based National Underworld religions, many people have quietly developed a new relationship with Christ as the divine immanent in nature. When you have a direct and nurturing relationship with the grace of a divine human fully incarnate in nature, the old dogma feels obscene, sticky, and controlling. In other worlds, many believe in miracles and divine teachers, they just don't need religion and prophets any more.

Of course, Venus is so important now because we have such a need for support and love. Well, our beautiful goddess is right on the Galactic Center at 27 Gemini, and the Galactic Center conjunct Venus is right on the ascendant for Washington, DC, while they all trine Neptune in Pisces at the mid-heaven. And, the lunar South Node in Gemini (bringing us wisdom from the ancient spirituality) is just above the Washington, DC, ascendant. The feminine elements in our world are crying out for respect, power, guidance, and freedom. When the solar light is eclipsed, the Moon in Cancer implants new feminine light, so this odd and potent Gemini configuration on the rising suggests something very significant and noticeable is going to happen in Washington this month. I imagine something like Congress finally listening to the mayors of US cities who have called for an end to the wars so they can get some resources to rebuild their communities. People are losing patience with building roads and bridges in Iraq and Afghanistan when they can't get across town anymore. Lastly, Mercury in 29 Cancer trines Uranus in 5 Aries, so the lower and higher mind are in good aspect; inspiration is flowing during the peak of the Universal

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Shiite!!!! :peep: Meanwhile......back at the ranch.......No worries, gonna slip back into the real world now. Tabernac!

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warløckmitbladderinfection wrote:blasphemous new gehenna inhabitant makes god sad...

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June 2011 has already turned out to be an action-packed month of breakthroughs, breakdowns, shifting consciousness and global awakening. Hurtling towards the final days of June, the momentum of the two previous Eclipses is rushing humanity through the eye of needle and into a new world reality. Culminating this week on June 30th/July 1st is the third Partial Solar Eclipse (new moon in Cancer), forming a Grand Cardinal Cross conjunct with Star Sirius and visible from a small part of the ocean between Antarctica and southern Africa.

Eclipses are known to alter our electromagnetic fields - Earth's magnetosphere shifts when our planet is obscured by another's passing shadow. What scientists are recognizing now is the correlation between human emotions and physical health and the cosmological activity in our solar system. Accidents, aggression and violence peak during the New Moon events and intensive solar flares due to increasing ions in the atmosphere. An Eclipse will only amplify this charged energy by placing additional stress on already faulty, weak situations. In this environment, we may feel shaky, unsteady, and stretched to our limits as long-locked energy patterns break under the pressure.

The three Eclipses in June are repeating a central theme dating back to 1992, when we similarly experienced three Eclipses in the same mathematical degree, June 1, June 15, and June 30. Remember back to where you were in 1992, and what the central themes of your life were back then...for we are revisiting and rewriting the outcome now. Look at how your decisions formed the current life condition, and where you could have taken a different direction instead. We have at this particular time the opportunity to break free of our established timeline, and shift paths. In a way, we are being offered a second chance by the Universe!

The three Eclipses this June are interacting with the Galactic Center and the Pulse of Creation...the source of existence! We are being blessed by a Galactic Spiral Density Wave pulsing from our Galactic Core that is heading towards Earth now. There is evidence of significant changing weather on all the planets of our solar system as the external cosmic forces of the Ascension Wave is creating thicker atmospheres and higher frequencies. The infusion of photon particle-waves pulsing from our Galactic Center arises out of the vacuum state of Singularity. During the final Eclipse in June our beloved Star Sirius enters the unfolding drama as the gatekeepers to Earth's Ascension Plan. According to the Book of Knowledge, the stargates will open and allow the Ascension Wave of Singularity to enter Earth's magnetosphere and the collective field of Mind.

This will catalyze a Spiritual Revolution in the hearts and minds of humanity, as the Pulse of Singularity activates the DNA to awaken dormant codes of unity consciousness. The three Eclipses are serving as a global trigger of mass awakening to shifting ideas about the nature of spirit, how to connect with spirit and how to integrate spirit into our daily lives. We are being coded and catalyzed to re-unite with our divine spirit in ways that were impossible before. We will be triggered to uncover information from 1992 that was hidden from our awareness, so that we can accelerate our trajectory into more enlightened existence.

As the wave of higher consciousness inspires and awakens the minds of humanity, our perception of reality will shift and evolve into lighter experiences. No longer will we be inclined to thrash around, battling each other in the destructive competitive operating system of Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest'. Our new awareness will highlight and illuminate how rampant competition, unregulated capitalism and race wars are so harmful to each other, to nature and to Earth. For if humanity is going to survive...we must unite and collaborate to take care of each other and all life on the planet. We must embrace Singularity and the commonality that runs through all - the life force of Source!

Our DNA is receiving constant feedback from our electromagnetic environment, due to the curvature of spacetime and the swirling vortex in the Galactic Center. We must break the ego mind free from the illusion of separation and a polarized world, so that we can shift into living in a New Earth paradigm of Singularity. When our minds can see and feel our interconnectivity, we can feel empathy for others and compassion erases Polarity. The mirror neurons in the brain affect our biological responses to the external environment and how we perceive the world has a direct impact on our physical and emotional condition. Our bio-energetics system is constantly responding to the feedback from the Unified Field which alters the formation of our DNA coding.

When we see the world through unity consciousness we are able to feel our connection to Spirit and the Pulse of Singularity...we are able to jump into a different space, free of Polarity, and enter the Information Age of the 21st Century.

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