Happy New Year, Infidels: Church bombing in Egypt kills 21

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Imam of Al Azahr tells Pope to STFU


An Al Qaeda affiliate known as al-Mujahidin has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s car bomb outside a Coptic church in Alexandria, which killed 21 people. The Egyptian authorities referred to it as an attack on both Muslims and Christians, but all 21 fatalities were Christians. After the attack, violence broke out between Christians and Muslims in the area near the church. One amateur video shows police attacking the families and friends of the victims.

Imam of Al-Azhar criticizes Pope’s “interference” after Pope asks Egypt’s leaders to counter persecution of Christians

Egypt’s Sheikh al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sunni Islam’s highest religious authority

What’s the world coming to? The kafir pope has no business to sound off when the believers do their holy duty and kill blasphemers on what they call their religious holidays!

(AGI) Cairo – The imam of Al-Azhar condemned the Alexandria attack but criticised the Pope’s “interference”. At a press conference, Ahmed al Tayeb condemned the New Year’s Eve attack that killed 21 people in Alexandria and called for “unity between the cross and the crescent.” However he also criticised the appeal by Benedict XVI to Egypt’s leaders to counter the persecution of Christians, as an “interference” in internal Egyptian affairs. He explained: “We don’t want to comment on the opinion of the Pope in the Vatican, but we have the right to disagree with him….”


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