Hard Core Apocalyptic Video by artist Sergio Coyote

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In this new shocking video, released by artist Sergio Coyote, of vomitstyle.com , all the turmoil of todays world has come to life. But these images are not from todays headlines. They are from a ten year old drawing based on a 2,000 year old text, The Book of Revelations. Mr coyote drew the 100 foot lond work in 1999 in response to the y2k hysteria of the turn of the century. However after the project was completed, the artist decided to hide the drawings away due to their disturbing natur.

Sergio Coyote says "As 2011 progressed i started seeing more and more images in the news that seemed to come from this drawing i did so many years ago. after the devistating earthquake in japan, I Felt I nolonger had the right to withhold them from the public. I thought, "people should see these" . And strange as it sounds i felt that they wanted to be seen."

He explaned that "when i drew these I just wanted to draw all the crazy stuff written in that book, i had no religious intentions, it's just so visual and action paced." Indeed the ten page book required 100 feet of paper to draw everything written in them. "Once they were done they were kind of scary, i thought they looked good and most people agreed, yet they were a bit off putting. Also i found that people assumed i was a crazy doomsday fundamentalist Christian, which i am not. However for an artist today, that kind of perseption can ruin a carear. So I put them away. Untill now. See for yourself."

The Brooklyn based artist, Mr. Coyote specialises in what he calls psycic painting, in which he claims that the materials he uses create the art with little or know help from him directly.
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