Harmonic equation of ascention

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Harmonic equation of ascention.


The wavelenght of our DNA Helix is 34 angstroms.
Our current state of being is below oneness or below unity.
To overcome this predicament we will need to, just prior
to the completion of our precessional cycle, for life eternal,
merge via the golden ratio spiral with our 5th dimension light bodies
also known as our nesting icosa dodeca.

This will need to happen on or before the 21st december 2012
Icosa = 20 Doceda = 12
(DNA spiral wavelenght) 34 x ! (golden ratio spiral below oneness)
= 21.012 (21st december 2012)

Ascension will occur at the completion of the cycle which ends
on 21st march 2013 or first equinox of 2013.
Yes we and our beloved mother Earth will ascend on this day.
For ascention to occur our DNA helix needs to integrate with the
golden ratio spiral or christ vortex.
In other words the christ energy needs to be injected into our DNA helix.
The above graph depicts the 24,837 yr timeline
which is the journey of this reality in real terms,
and the 26,366,618 yr timeline of the great illusion.

I feel the need to share with you an explanation
so that you may better understand how it is
i see the numbers.

Everything in this universe is m ade up of frequency,
vibration patterns and colours. When you look at a particular color
one can see other color components which come together to manifest
the color in question.
Take purple, for example, which contains red and blue
Red And Blue = Purple.
The same applies when manifesting realities.
A variety of vibrational patterns or differing components
are arranged in which every way is required for manifesting
any particular reality.

Understanding that this universe is a mathematical construct
the vibration patterns and colours are represented numerically.
So therefore when one looks at a series or sequence of numbers, the
individual components represented harmonically by numbers
values are identified.

Now i'm noit saying i'm an expert and can identify every single number
because i am still at kindergarden with all this stuff
but i do feel with time running out that
it's important to share my understandings as they manifest.
Also gematria in an ancient code where the letters of certain alphabets
have been assigned numerical values.
This was done for the old testament with the ancient hebrew alphabet
and since the new testament was originally written in ancient greek, that alphabet was utilized.

As lazy as i am, i didnt wanna copie the whole file
You can read the original (pdf) 'Harmonic equation of ascention' here:

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