Has Chat Enhanced or Taken Away from DTV

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PostFri Feb 28, 2014 4:45 am » by Hurtswhenipee

Evildweeb wrote:.

Since I have been here for one or two days, and as being basically involved in chat since day one....I have to say this.......

Chat will NEVA take away from the forums. EVA.

When we come in here, we talk the talk and walk the walk.

But up in chat, we have an opportunity to speak our mind in public and everyone there does not judge, or take sides [except for certain folks whom we nail to a cross in our own way].

Most folks are afraid of chat because they have something honest and personal to talk about - but they are afraid because of the level of public FEAR.

There shouldn't be any.

If you are afraid to chat in public, then you are also afraid to talk to other human beings with like mind.

And this is a sad loss to all of us.

Don't be afraid, do not fear, tame the beast and join the party of humankind looking for further answers.

We all are.

And I will say THIS...............

Only after you hear other people talking about topics you yourself are gravitated towards will you understand that there is no difference.

We are all the same, we all look for answers, and if you reject the opinoins of others - then you too will be rejected.

Its a rule of the universe.....sorry ...... - I love to hear others talk about what is important to them because only then do I understand what is truly important.

Does Chat steal from the forums?


It MAKES it.



Right on ED :flop:

A very open honest expression of your feelings. Thank you


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