Hate Legislation and 911: 60,000+ Jews stayed away warned ..

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PostWed Sep 11, 2013 2:06 pm » by Akashicrebel

mediasorcery wrote:those zionists want you to hate them, u think they dont know how u will react?
ps, theres prolly muslim zionists too, btw, its not a nationality but it is a religion, not judaism, not muslim, not christian,

but satanism, all welcome to join, just sell soul first of course.

the "Elite Zionists" want you to agree with them, to think they smart, to think they heroes who fight evil terror, to let them continue with the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, to support them, to give them full security and economic coverage on your expansion, to believe their lies and to die in wars instead of them.

but they don't want you to hate them. they prefer the diversion way.

and hate don't have to be evil or satanic. it can be just human nature.
hate can include many other elements inside of it. It can start with self disappointment when you understand someone have fool you around and make you do something you didn't want to do. to fight with someone because some dude fool you to think the other guy is want to kill you so you go and kill him his wife,mother kids but then you understand he have nothing to do with you, it's just the dude hates his gots, but he prefer you to take the risk shame and blame. the next thing the dude want you to forget it all and go fight and maybe die for him with another exotic middle eastern enemy.

and now you hate the dude. that simple.

I'm not violent. I'm creative with weapons.

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PostWed Sep 11, 2013 4:45 pm » by Mr.Manunnaki

I do agree with you Temps,about Zionists,and spot on with the history example,i think like akash said they would relish in bringing people down to their level,(when they see the truth) and creating more hatrid in this world which is not healthy,i think the o.p went a wee bit far with the post but it does ring true as well.
Yes "holocaust "does mean sacrifice,it makes you think about certain events differently knowing that,and i will put my neck on the block and say the ww2 holocaust has been made up to a certain extent and what about the Jewish Boshevik revolution where 66 million christians died at their hands in the Soviet union and Ukraine,which is convieniently forgotten about and not taught,It is also true they hold the majority of high positions whether it be political,CeOs,institutions,companies etc.and were even behind the biggest nastiest gangs in America making Capone look tame and have been involved in many kinds of heinous acts throughout the centuries,im not completly studied up on the Jewish works but they beleive that any non Jew(Gentile)is a lesser 'being' than them and can be lied to,robbed,manipulated,killed,or whatever with no concern or consience which i find disgraceful,but like i said its not worth being filled with hate for them,out of the many races,cultures,creeds around the world being labelled as dangerous,uncivilised,or evil per percentage of community the Jews and Zionists probably hold number one spot in reality and its good that people are speaking out about this and not be labelled anti semetic because thats not what its about, because there are many decent, honest Jews as well,
theres only one place that can give this true attention big up DTV :flop:
and spread love not hate :love: :hugging: :dancing: :banana: :dancing:


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