Haunted britain.

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PostFri Sep 10, 2010 9:55 pm » by Leonidas1977

Right my fellow dtv peeps, i'm normaly a total pussy when it come's to ghost, and scary shit.
its just something i never realy want to know about, but after watching a documentry. of the enfield pltergiest i ended up watching these episodes also. some scared the fucking shit right out of me as i watched em befor bed. so hope you enjoy em as i did.[youtube]lrJ2s5tG5A4?fs=1&[/youtube][youtube]EE00GdkWjPg?fs=1&[/youtube][youtube]PnHueo21ND0?fs=1&[/youtube][youtube]lsWcPdXooQ0?fs=1&[/youtube]
jesus listen there is 20 parts i aint linkin em all so enjoy :cheers:

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