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SUNDAY, 10 JULY 2011

The Beatitudes
This is a good reminder for the people. The Beatitudes for the people translated by the renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, Geza Vermes.

The Beatitudes (4Q525)

Blessed is ......with a pure heart
and does not slander with his tongue.
Blessed are those who hold to her (Wisdom's) precepts
and do not hold to the ways of inquiity.
Blessed are those who rejoice in her,
and do not burst forth in ways of folly.
Blessed are those who seek her with pure hands
and do not pursue her with a treacherous heart.

Blessed is the man who has attained Wisdom,
and walks in the Law of the Most High.
He directs his heart towards her ways,
and restrains himself by her corrections,
and always takes delight in her chastisements.
He does not forsake her when he sees distress,
not abandon her in time of strain.

He will not forget her (on the day of ) fear,
and will not despise her when his soul is afflicted.
For always he will meditate on her,
and in his distress he will consider (her?)
(He will place her) before his eyes
so as not to walk in the ways of (folly).

(Do not) forsake your inheritance to the nations
nor your portions to the strangers
Those who fear God observe her wisdom's ways
and walk in all her precepts
and do not reject her corrections.

The intelligent will bring out..
(and all) those who walk in perfection
will turn aside injustice,
but they will not reject her admonitions
and will carry (her)
The sensible will recognize her ways
and meditate on her depths.


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