Health bill passed, Bend over and say AH!

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PostSun Nov 08, 2009 9:08 pm » by jetxvii

theduck wrote:Sick video, my neighbours pissing me off big style pumpin' pure bass, time to unleash a bit of Disturbed on his ass! :lol:


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PostSun Nov 08, 2009 9:11 pm » by jetxvii

captchaos wrote:
jetxvii wrote:Dude fuck every single Democrat, Republican, and fuck every single elitist in this world. I am sick and tired of them doing whatever the fuck they want, going against our constitution.

Move then.

Yeah move from the "WORLD" that makes sense.... do you read often?

and it seems you don't know to much about this bill either...pity.

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PostSun Nov 08, 2009 9:55 pm » by jetxvii

@ naught

that is exactly what I am trying to say. there are many ways to make sure that the industry in medical services or insurance companies as well to do what they are legally supposed to do. people here in America that support it need to go back and read what this country was founded on, we in America don't have a right to health-care and I think that is rightfully so. if I lose my finger I can sew it on myself that is my right, medical services are a good. its a God Damn joke and anyone that thinks government run anything is good is a complete fucking moron.. "oh they are helping us" AHAHAHAHAHAH yeah as much as Sigfried and Roy help you believe in magic...

Fuck you all that support this you are idiots, and you are the stupid downfall of this country. cancer or not, and disease or not, the government did not make you get a disease and if you want to have a good that provides you with tools to live then that is your prerogative, it sounds soul less but it is the hard truth. you can now wait to be provided those services and on top of that you will be taxed a flat rate per year even if you do not use the hospital that year, along with a free jail sentence if you do not pay your medical tax.

I feel for your friend naught I really do, for it is not for the lack of services, and it is also not for the lack of coverage, it is the lack of compassion and the ability for a Government or system to do their job and keep these companies in check.... but no instead they want to take it over and fuck you over even worse.... the blacks used to say "that is the man keeping you down." well now that man is keeping everyone down and no one does anything about it...I think I am going to join the Black Panthers as an honorary white member so we can get this revolution moving... where is the Extreme Militia to take everything back when you need them. the time is now, not tomorrow.... WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE YOU ARE BEING ENSLAVED AND YOU ARE BEING BOUGHT OFF FOR COMFORT AND SECURITY....when actually you really aren't, I like the conundrum of it all...

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PostSun Nov 08, 2009 10:48 pm » by Mep630

If you read the USA health care bill, it is kinda a sham. I am not knocking other countries version, but the USA version has a lot of hidden crap, like taxes you will have to pay with stiff penalties and jail time, and mandatory implantable rfid chips!

I don't have health insurance but still I think this is not the correct way to do it.

Without a doubt the USA health care needs reform, but not this kind of reform, imo.

All the congress people pass this because they are getting a piece of the pie.

If you help the Oppressors, eventually you and your family will be oppressed.

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PostSun Nov 08, 2009 11:11 pm » by Tonybigman3

mep630 wrote:We are fucked...

i agree and they didnt even supply vaseline :bang;

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PostMon Nov 09, 2009 4:06 pm » by Captchaos

mep630 wrote:
captchaos wrote:No offense to any opposition but its About F**&KING TIME. Now lets hope the DOCTORS stop the senseless insurance discrimination and take care of people.
For Me personally the best thing about this bill is that they (the insurance companies) cant say we cant cover your blank because of something that happened 5-10-or 20 years ago or you where born w/this :clapper:
Now move along w/ your life, theirs nothing to see hear :nwo: (just after you line up and get your federally mandated SHOT)

You do know you will be required to pay for this, and if you dont you get like a 15,000-25,000 dollar fine and if you dont pay that you go to jail. This is a huge new tax, and the congress people like pelosi gets her cut.

For starters the cost of my medical insurance over the last 10yrs has gone from about $45.00 a weak family coverage to $225.00 a weak for the same coverage. Partly because the state laws prohibit group insurance providers from going across state lines to look for lesser coasting options driving up the local markets. The providers know how much you make and what you are willing to pay and just raise the price of your coverage every year.
Then they have this preexisting clause bullshit which grabs you by the balls, preventing you from just looking for a new provider on your own or even to change jobs because you wont be able to get coverage for you or your family, so you are trapped w/what you have and where you are unless you are single and or super healthy. Ya'see that's not the case for me unfortunately I am not super healthy w/o my meds i will........and one of my daughters has had 2 spinal surgeries in the last 2 years, I like many other AMERICANS ARE TRAPPED and this bill gives us some freedoms that we had lost.

Its not about how much it cost its about taking care of your family and the way the system was operating was flawed, for all but the extremely rich and young single healthy men.

In September i lost my job at a local car dealer i was their for 10 years. I wasn't mad at my boss the system caused a lot of the car dealers in the area to fold, and to stay a float they had been cutting jobs left and right. What worries me was what am i going to do for health insurance now, not how much is this going to cost me but who will give my family coverage.
Finding a new job if you have skills or schooling is not that hard, but that wont get you health insurance if you confronted w/ medical issues.
Its easy for people to say this is going to do this or that to my pocket book, but my pocket is empty now. Its not about that, its about taking care of family and for years now i have been trapped by the system. This Bill isn't unconstitutional the system is, this bill gives my back some freedoms that i had taken from me long ago.

I know that some of you just don't feel or agree w/what i have said.
I'm sorry if i have offended any persons in this thread.(and im not a troll).
JETXVII i didnt mean to offend you please except my apologies.
(note i dont agree w/what you say jet' but i dont hate, it takes much less energy to laugh)

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PostMon Nov 09, 2009 4:51 pm » by Angelenergy

captchaos wrote: I know that some of you just don't feel or agree w/what i have said.
I'm sorry if i have offended any persons in this thread.(and im not a troll).
JETXVII i didnt mean to offend you please except my apologies.
(note i dont agree w/what you say jet' but i dont hate, it takes much less energy to laugh)

Capt' don't apologies for what you believe in that's a sign of weakness and i feel you are not weak.
I agree with you the Health care system is extremely flawed, but this bill wont help us all. If half of the horrors that members state are true about this bill then taking your "meds" will be the least of your worries.
Take care, Love and light.


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