hello, i'm is a chinese, everybody has what want to ask me?

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PostWed Oct 05, 2011 3:29 am » by Ufo1996215

tuor10 wrote:
ufo1996215 wrote:
iamthatiam wrote:Well,hello first of all...but i sincerely have tons of questions to make to you,starting with if you are really a chinese and not another nutcrakd trying to draw attention?!

yes, i is a true chinese, I am in China henan province, But the specific address I won't tell you

I am surprised your government hasn't barred all internet access to conspiracy sites.

So, what's the UFO situation like in China at the moment? Is the recent surge in UFO activity in China big news; or, like in the West, ridiculed by the media?


Because of our government Temporary didn't notice this web site.
About Chinese UFO events very little, Mostly be concealed the, Next is the Chinese 'experts' of dishonesty

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PostWed Oct 05, 2011 3:32 am » by domdabears

ufo1996215 wrote:
domdabears wrote:Who gives a shit if you're Chinese.
Your shit still stinks.
What makes you so high and mighty?

I should just shut this shit down.

Racial discrimination, the is humans one of the biggest problems. You can ask yourself: What time human beings can unity and unity?

That is a bunch of bullshit!
There is absolutely no racial discrimination being said by me what so ever.

Fuck you and good bye.
I'm not putting up that shit.
Go fuck yourself.

The guy is on a break.
Thread locked since he aint here to answer questions with his high and mighty wisdom.



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