Here's another Apollo UFO to debunk or not

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PostSun Jul 07, 2013 4:23 pm » by Mac

WillEase666 wrote:Dear Mac,
I apologize for the wording of my previous post. It was not my wish to come across as rude as it did.
I believe you when you say you used pictures in your video and not a segment of his video.
If anyone is a hack, it would be him. Fact is many of the photos from your video are good unexplained anomalies that I have featured on my thread.
I assumed you wanted to get to the truth if there was an explanation to the images therein, which I could have presented in a nicer way. So again, I apologize for that.

There are many things astronauts have seen, taken pictures of, and videotaped that NASA has no explanation for. Sometimes they down right lie or cover up information such is the case for the Skylab incident. They claimed it was a Russian booster rocket that was a few thousand miles if.

May I suggest you verify the images yourself, and then provide links.
Happy hunting,

Apology accepted..


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