History of Zionism

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PostWed Jan 25, 2012 2:20 am » by Perronick

noentry wrote:
abdul14 wrote:Angry Muslim divorces 3 wives at same time… keeps one after a fight between the four


He didn’t treat them equal. Bad Muslim!

Hey spock your firm just turned up. Perfect
Perfect timing abdulzin scaecro
The Zionist you support is here listen to his words and call your self a Zionist

abdul14 wrote:how bout you moozlaims get the fuck out of occupied mecca to begin with
and while your fucking at it please remove yourselfs from occupied egypt and turkey and all the rest of the places that you invaded including Judea

"So that one day you may own the country where you are now living as a stranger." Gen 28: 3-4 He's asking for an appeasement from the Nile to the Jordan.


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