Hitler's Hidden City

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Hitler's Hidden City

Upload to Disclose.tv

on May 9, 2012 by LargestArchive


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PostWed May 09, 2012 7:30 pm » by Flecktarn

good video Evildweeb :flop: :flop:

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PostWed May 09, 2012 8:03 pm » by Spikey

Interesting, but the UFO is even more interesting than the tunnels...i'd download this video PDQ if you have any interest at all in the truth and reality of UFO's.

This is a genuine NAT GEO video, it can be compared to national geo archives, the ufo is there, it's plain as day and not inserted by some numpty sitting in his boxers, trying to impress his 13 year old mates.

Oh...and it's most certainly not a bird or a weather balloon, lantern, swamp gas, Venus, or hub cap.

It IS a very fast moving craft however, much faster and manouverable than anything we have to date.

Get this video downloaded now, before it dissapears.

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PostWed May 09, 2012 8:28 pm » by Phaeton

Thank you sir, nice find!
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Upload to Disclose.tv

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PostWed May 09, 2012 9:50 pm » by Seahawk

Thanks. :flop:


Upload to Disclose.tv

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PostThu May 10, 2012 2:12 am » by mediasorcery

Shit hot doco, see the ufo in opening scene fukin? shit hot man, cheers big ears.
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PostThu May 10, 2012 2:17 am » by Evildweeb

Thanks and kudos to all of you who sat through the whole thing.

I found appreciation in it from the historical perspective and the long story. Nothing really tip top new but well produced.

Thx again all and cheers mates :flop:


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PostThu May 10, 2012 8:45 am » by Haansolo

"Neu-Schwabenland". They came on cargo ships,
military transport ships, and submarines. The cargo ships coming from South
Africa were protected by a host of killer-submarines and military ships.
This might explain the intense Nazi war efforts in North and South Africa.
Any ship that even came close to the shipping routes from South Africa to
Antarctica were destroyed by German U-boats to protect the secret. After
all the goods were brought, the VIPs and scientists started to show up with
a compliment of ULTRA, a highly specialized Nazi SS team like our MJ-12.
ULTRA has always been in control of Antarctica. ULTRA is the name of a
secret alien interface agency in the NSA. Remember that the NSA has
connections to both the Nazi S.S. and the Dulce base. According to
contactee Alex Collier, the upper level members of the NSA-ULTRA group are
cloned replicates or have been so heavily implanted, virtual cyborgs, that
they could be considered as being barely human -- automatons who are
remotely controlled by the Greys' group ego or group mind. It is also
noteworthy that ULTRA is also the NAME OF the Above Top Secret
CIA-NSA-Alien base under the Archuleta plateau and peak northeast of DULCE,
New Mexico. This might also explain Valdamar Valerian's insistence that
early newspaper clippings just prior to the outbreak of World War II imply
that "the Germans" were "all over" New Mexico exploring caves and mines,
buying up property, and engaging in all sorts of mysterious activities.
Could Antarctica be the real power behind the New World Order? If the Nazi
bases still exist in Antarctica then they would no doubt still have secret
contact with the Bavarian cults which sponsored and were an integral part
of the Nazi party, like the Bavarian THULE society for instance.

It is interesting that the re-united East and West Germany is paving the
way for the 'unification' of Europe. For instance, all economic bar-codes
must be processed through Germany, Germany is trying to impose enforced
nepotistic career restrictions where one's career is determined by the
family one is born into, a British news agency spoke of investigations of
the Bavarian secret service who were reportedly smuggling weapons grade
plutonium into Germany from a nuclear black market operation they had
established in the former Soviet States, the Illuminati has its base in
Germany [Bavaria], and Germany has been the most active country in the
international drive for Internet censorship and control. In other words,
Democracy seems to be dying a painful death in Germany, IF it ever really
existed there in the first place. As for Neu Schwabenland, the construction
and secret projects in Antarctica continued throughout the entire course of
the war.

Just before the end of the WWII, two German provision U-boats, U-530 and
U-977, were launched from a port on the Baltic Sea. Reportedly they took
with them members of the antigravity-disk research and development teams
[ULTRA], and the LAST of the most vital disc components [much of this
technology and hardware had been transported to the base during the course
of the war]. This included the notes and drawings for the latest saucer or
aerial disk designs, and designs for the gigantic underground complexes and
living accommodations based on the remarkable underground factories of
Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains. The two U-boats duly reached the new land
of Neu-Schwabenland where they unloaded everything. When they arrived in
Argentina several months later, their crews were captured. It seems as if
they were either counting on the formerly German-friendly Argentineans to
allow them access, or it could have been that they intentionally allowed
themselves to be discovered for misinformation purposes, i.e. -- "yes... we
are the last two renegade German subs. We've been trying to hold out
but...oops, you caught us... the war's finally over!"

The crews of these U-Boats were of course interrogated by U.S. Intelligence
agents who had suspected the existence of the Antarctic base. Whatever the
Nazi soldiers tried to tell them, apparently the Americans were not
convinced... especially considering the subsequent and ill-fated U.S. Navy
backed military actions against the Nazi's "Last Battalion" in Antarctica
in later years under Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who arrived at Antarctica
with an entire military armada and provisions to last 6 month. However the
the entire expedition lasted only 8 weeks, with only approximately three
weeks of actual full-scale Antarctic operations.

The Antarcticans were desperate following the war, and knew that a
confrontation was imminent. Much effort was put into developing secret
weapons projects to defend their new underground Empire, which no doubt was
constructed with the 'help' of a large number of expendable slave laborers
transported from the concentration camps of Europe.

The major base-city of Antarctica became known as the NEW BERLIN, or by the
code-named "Base-211".

The actual beginnings of German interest in the polar regions may date back
BEFORE the earliest U.S. Navy polar expeditions. For instance one segment
of NOVA related that the remains of Capt. Charles Hall of the ill-fated
POLARIS expedition, one of the first American ventures to the North Pole,
were discovered in an ice grave by a subsequent polar expedition. It seemed
that when the body was examined it was found to contain poison. It was also
discovered by searching the records that the cook [who would be in the
perfect position to administer poison] and the first mate on the Polaris
expedition were German Occultist spies! Remember that the German secret
societies of Bavaria, which had helped to precipitate the first and second
world wars, date back to ancient times when -- following the occupation of
Egypt -- the [un]'Holy Roman Empire' military forces based in Germany, the
seat of government for the HO.R.E, brought back from Egypt the black
gnostic "serpent cults" which later gave rise to the Bavarian Illuminati,
the Bavarian Thule Society and a host of other lesser known satanic racist
cults which gravitated around these. Could the occultist spies who
sabotaged the POLARIS expedition have been attempting to protect a secret
hidden deep within the polar regions? Could this secret have had something
to do with an ancient collaboration between Bavarian satanic cults and
reptilian-based aliens?

A German Polar researcher who we will identify only as 'Stefan' reveals
that the 'historical' beginnings of German interest and research into the
Antarctic or South Polar region itself began in 1873 when Sir Eduard
Dallman on behalf of the newly founded German Society of Polar Research
discovered new Antarctic routes with his ship 'GRONLAND'.

"...Dallman discovered the "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Inseln" at the western entrance
of the Biskmarkstrasse along the Biscoue Islands. Exploring the polar
regions, the Germans were already at this time quite innovative, for the
'GRONLAND' was the first steamship to see the Antarctic ice at all.
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