HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud? A Stephen Allen film.

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A shocking documentary that exposes
HIV/AIDS as a deceptive and deadly scam

This is a systematic dissection of the HIV/AID$ machine and how they hijacked a program designed to fight a worldwide plight of human suffering and drove it down the road to hell. Yet this program offers hope, inspired by the courage and articulate arguments of a group of growing voices internationally challenging the HIV=AIDS=DEATH hysteria. A MUST SEE for anyone interested in truly understanding the facts about HIV/AID$.

One of a most powerful video documentaries of our time boldly reveals a modern medical industrial complex's dire descent into utter corruption. HIV/AID$ is a deadly and dangerous deception! This feature length expose explains exactly how a 300 billion dollar AID$ fraud began, why HIV can NOT be a cause of AIDS, what some real causes could be, and who manipulates a public's good intentions while poisoning hundreds of thousands with toxic drugs that cause a very disease they are supposed to prevent.

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PostThu Nov 24, 2011 10:30 am » by Brylle28

What a great video!That film It helps a lot to those people who have a HIV. This feature-length expose explains exactly how the 300-Billion-dollar AID$ fraud began.

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PostThu Nov 24, 2011 1:39 pm » by Rich316

May I add to this one with this good video called 'The other side of AIDS'

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I like those videos and it's has educative value.I have no video to upload but you can have a view of some Aids Facts.

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