Homemade Glow Stick (Bottle)

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PostFri Oct 26, 2012 2:04 pm » by Katiebug

The Mountain Dew thing does work, but you need to add Dish Soap and a few extra things to get it to glow. Not worth the trouble if you're caving and need an emergency light. I don't know anyone who carries dish soap when caving.

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PostSun Nov 04, 2012 5:17 pm » by Breaker316

Other than the fact that this is a hoax...Well done "preppers". Your naivete will come in really handy in the zombie apocalypse...but people actually though it was a good idea. A bottle of mountain dew is as big and heavy as...a TORCH. You'd actually carry a bottle of mountain dew around just because you like the idea of getting light by mixing household items. Sure, it's what McGuyver might do...me, I'll stick to just carrying spare batteries. Glowsticks are useless for illumination. They give your position away to everyone for miles around, but have very limited range, endurance, and can't be turned off. If you can be bothered to carry mountain dew, baking soda and all that around just on the off chance that you may need to make a glowstick out of it...you are an idiot. "What if you lose your torch?" you ask? What if you lose your mountain dew, baking soda or peroxide, I say. If you are that careless, just carry an extra torch. The people who use torches will be laughing at the idiots trying to improvise light by rubbing a dead squirrel against a used tampon while zombies eat their brains. The people who bring matches and lighters will sit around their fire and watch the friction firelighters freeze to death, THEN be eaten by zombies.


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